AVK’S Review: Heco Celan Revolution 3 - High-end Compact Bookshelf Speaker with an Audiophile Setup and Distinctive Visual Appearance

The Heco Celan Revolution 3 was voted top of its class in a European bookshelf shootout by a respected website. It is a versatile loudspeaker that has excellent acoustic qualities, a great sound, and is easy to maintain. With a choice of black, white or espresso finishes, you can get a finish to suit your tastes.

The Heco Celan Revolution 3 boasts a double ferrimagnet-drive for an extremely wide sound spectrum and a very fast transient response. This is achieved by a special second-generation dome tweeter, which features a rounded upper and lower edge and a computer-optimised multi-wave shaped front panel. The acoustic design of the speaker was optimized using the Klippel measuring system. It is supported by a wide, heavy base to ensure stability and good vibrational efficiency.

Wide & Tall Soundstage

The speaker is mounted on a series of aluminum traverses that are angled along the upper and lower sides. The rear is tapered and the base brackets feature solid spikes for acoustically ideal coupling on all floors. The Heco Celan Revolution 3 has a wide and tall sound stage and incredible imaging. It has a transparent sound and has vocals that rival some of the best speakers in the world.

Despite its impressive power, the Heco Celan Revolution 3 is also a character loudspeaker. It isn't a product for the strictest of audiophile, but for the stroke public who is looking for a clean, wide open sound and a powerful dynamic. With its large size and bass performance, the Heco Celan Revolution 3 has plenty of scope for multiple seating locations and is able to provide a broad panorama.

Computer Optimized Multi-Wave Shaped Front Panel

The Heco Celan Revolution 3 isn't without a few flaws but the company managed to tackle them with their years of experience of building high-end loudspeakers. First, the enclosure is quite thick, and it's possible to hear the woofer through the enclosure. There are also internal resonances within the cabinet. This is a major concern, and the speaker has been specifically designed to minimize these. Its internal trebling helps to reduce standing wells and swells on the membrane, as well as ensuring a stable and predictable response.

 Heco Celan Revolution 3

The Heco Celan Revolution 3 uses a special design concept, which includes integrated magnets, a multi-wave front panel and an invisible fastening of the front cover. The acoustic performance of the speaker was improved with a new acoustic chamber, and the chassis were developed especially for the Celan Revolution range. The range also includes two floor-sanding loudspeakers and a visually matching center speaker. These speakers can be configured to suit different room sizes, and are compatible with all Wireless connections.


The Heco Celan Revolution 3, even though is a two-way bookshelf speaker but would be enough as a Left/Right speaker if you room size is within 20 feet in length as it comes with high SPL levels. It's a well-designed and strongly-built speaker which can satisfy the expectations of audiophiles. Talking about the price point, it beats most of its competitors which falls within the similar price range left, center and right. Especially, for those who are fond of European sound signatures can surely add Celan Revolution 3 into their setup.

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Ray  Deffett

Ray Deffett

Celan revolution 3 can I buy from you im in Toronto Canada 🇨🇦 and can you give me a price in Canadian dollars please? Thanks

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