AVK's Review: Known Benefits of Definitive Technology (DT) UIW RSS II and UIW RSS III Loudspeakers

DT UIW RSS III Reference in-ceiling/in-wall bipolar loudspeakers are designed by Definitive Technology to deliver superior sound in custom home theaters. Featuring dual 3-way full-range systems, curved bipolar arrays, and non-resonant enclosures, these loudspeakers deliver high-performance sound that is perfect for multichannel music and movie systems.

To Give You a Discreet Ambience

The DT RSS III in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeakers feature a flush mount design that prevents vibrations and wall debris from entering the loudspeaker. The cabinets also provide non-resonant mounting. A glass-filled polymer compound eliminates baffle resonance and maintains structural integrity. The RSS III is designed to deliver clear, detailed bass while revealing the natural midrange. The curved bipolar array improves the dispersion of sound to the room. The drivers can be rotated 90 degrees to optimize performance.

The DT RSS III also offers an uncolored midrange, allowing the loudspeakers to blend with other loudspeakers in your home. The loudspeaker's design allows for easy installation since the cabinet's structure is constructed from dense wood products. The in-wall model measures 8 inches wide by 30 inches tall and fits between standard wall studs. It weighs approximately 19 pounds each. The RSS III also features beefy wood screws for secure mounting. It is recommended that each RSS III be installed within 11/4 inches of clear lock arms for optimal sonic performance.

Coming to the features of the DT UIW RSS II Speakers 

The UIW RSS II is designed for use in side surround applications in 5-channel systems. Each unit is enclosed in a non-resonant sealed mediate enclosure that delivers a rich, uncolored sonic signature. It features two 6-and-a-half-inch bass/midrange drivers, along with a single 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter. Its enclosure is designed to provide a perfect blend of direct sound and ambient sound. It is also designed to fit in any room, including kitchens and basements, making it perfect for a multichannel music system. The RSS II is also easy to install since it is designed for flush mounting into walls.

The RSS II is a new addition to the Definitive Reference Architectural Series of loudspeakers. This series is designed to deliver rich, uncolored sound in unique installations. It is ideal for bringing high-performance home theater systems into every room of your house. This series also features fully sealed enclosures, paintable grilles, and simple secure installation. It also comes with a free installation manual and installation guide.

The Unique Design Structure of the UIW RSS Speakers

The Definitive Technology UIW RSS series loudspeakers are designed for the homeowners with space issues. It is the perfect solution for upscale designer homes and high-end commercial applications. The UIW RSS loudspeakers are designed to deliver high-performance sound with seamless driver blending. Its design was inspired by six years of research by Definitive Technology engineers. Its in-wall/ceiling models are available in three different sizes, and it comes with a manual that includes installation instructions, speaker wire installation guidelines, and troubleshooting instructions. You can even paint the grille, but be sure to maintain the sound quality of the speakers.


Definitive Technology is also known for producing successful in-wall speakers, so it's no surprise that the company has designed the UIW RSS series to perform well in moisture-resistant environments. Its bipolar driver architecture eliminates sound leakage into walls and ceilings, and the curved bipolar array provides the ideal blend of direct sound for localization.

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