How to Buy a Fixed Frame Projection Screen – A Complete Guide

Planing for a personal home theatre? But don’t know very much about it! Tension not then because you have come to the right place.

The Fixed Frame Screens Come in Two Variants

Fixed Frame Projection Screens are considered to be the best option for home theatres, auditoriums, and any fixed setup for projection. Fixed Frame screens are extremely light and durable as there is no motor in it requires less maintenance and installation is easy too.

1.) Flat Fixed Frame Projection Screen

This the traditional fixed frame screen. This screen type is widely available and always suggested for those who have an average budget to spend on a home cinema. The Screen is flat and does work very well with all types of projections like 3D/4K/Ultra HD.

2.) Curved Fixed Frame Projection Screen

This is what you can call a modern fixed projection screen which is actually curved in the shape. If you differentiate the screen on the basis of the material you won’t get any pros but its curved design amazingly takes your experience to the next level.

Features You Should Look in a Fixed Frame Screen

We have a lot to look into before we buy a fixed frame projection screen. To make this easy let’s just broke them down into points.

Screen Cloth: Look for high gain (Gain 1.0) washable matt white fabric with a black coating on the backside that nullifies the effect of light coming from the backside. This material is budget-friendly and optimum.

Borders: The borders of the screen should be highlighted by black strip as it psychologically centers your attention on the main focused area of the screen where you project your content.

Frame: Aluminium is the best material used in making the frame of the fixed frame projection screen. Aluminum is lightweight and durable, Plus the sping affix in the body keeps the screen tight and wrinkleless.

After-Sale Service: Here comes the most important part of your purchase. The warranty on the screen, Well It varies on the screen but usually, you got two years manufacturing warranty on each and every fixed frame screen.

3D/4k Support: Fixed frame screens are ready for 3D or 4K projection, Although for 3D projection curved fixed frame projection screen is highly recommended as it literally gives a cinematic feel.

Determining The Size of Fixed Frame Projection Screen

Short answer Screen size < Wall Size

First, tape the size of your wall on which you are willing to mount your screen(Remember Fixed Frame Screens are Only Installed on Wall). whatever the screen wall size is the screen size is going to be one step smaller than it.

The fixed frame screen comes in many diffrent sizes from 77 inches to 240 inches but the same aspect ratios mostly, by the way, all the standard sizes are stated below. Remember that we measure screen size diagonally.

Although sometimes you may want a different size built up only for you apart from all sizes stated below, Well it is possible as a manufacturer do build compromised orders for both retailers and customers.

And In the End – Installation of Fixed Frame Screen

Once the size is decided then move forward to installing or assembling the fixed frame projection screen is too easy. The screen comes with installing hardware like sliding wall brackets, drywall anchors, screws, setup manual, and some other required stuff.

Assembling the screen is simply because of the tensed rod and spring system but if you still can’t figure out to set it up then you may go for the installation service.

And Now when the screen is ready you are good to go. Have a vivid visual experience at “Home”.

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