B&O CELESTIAL in ceiling speakers

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Color: Natural
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The Celestial in-ceiling speaker is a great choice for anyone who wants to enhance the sound quality of their living room or bedroom. Its dual-horn design is highly efficient and provides an immersive listening experience. It comes with wire, a grille, and a bayonet ring to easily install the speaker. It comes with technical assistance and troubleshooting materials.

The Bang & Olufsen Celestial in-ceiling speakers are a new line of home audio speakers. These speakers use Bang & Olufsen and Origin Acoustics technology to deliver a high-quality audio experience.


They feature weather-X technology and a simple Zip Clip 2.0 speaker mounting system. They have two 6.5-inch woofers and two midrange drivers. In addition, the Celestial Palatial in-wall high-performance theater speakers feature a 1-inch tweeter and two 6.5-inch woofers.

The Celestial in-ceiling speaker offers room-filling sound experiences and is easy to install. The Celestial speakers are also designed to match modern interior designs. The speakers have excellent sound dispersion and can direct sound directly to preferred listening areas. In addition to being flexible, the Celestial speakers also offer easy installation, making them ideal for home theatre setups.

B&O CELESTIAL  Specification



2-way and 3-way systems ranging from 6.5 Inch to 10 Inch


Install a 6-inch and replace it later with an 8-inch in the same mounting hole


Magnetic Grille Advanced aluminum grill as an accessory

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