Definitive Technology D11 Large High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers (pair)

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Definitive Technology D11 Overview

The Definitive Technology D11 Large High-performance Bookshelf Speakers provide a full-range audio experience with accurate imaging. Its aluminum dome tweeter, dual five-way binding posts, and balanced double-surround system (BDSS) midrange/woofer section deliver high-quality sound in a stylish package.

Definitive Technology D11 Features

The Definitive technology D11 Large High-Performance Bookshelves are the flagship model of the company's Demand series. They feature a bipolar design and tall enclosures for excellent bass extension. Their product line also includes home theater speakers, sound bars, and wireless speakers. The D11 stands 13 inches tall and is 12.5 inches deep.These speakers feature a Balanced Double Surround System and an optional stand for a secure and convenient mounting. Their tweeters are located at a distance of 12 inches from the center of the enclosure, reducing the chance of sound bouncing off the sides of the speaker. These speakers also come with a six-by-ten inch passive radiator that extends the low-frequency response.
The D11 Large High-Performance Bookshelves have been tested and recommended by audiophiles. Diana Krall's Turn Up the Quiet album, a Tidal exclusive, features 11 jazz standards. The opening track features a standing bass played by John Clayton, Jr. The D11s accurately articulate the full range of notes played by Clayton. In addition, the speakers convey the texture of Clayton's fingers sliding across the strings. Diana Krall's vocals also sound beautiful over these speakers.

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