Definitive Technology Descend DN15 High Performance 1500W Powered Subwoofer (Unit)

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Definitive Technology Descend DN15 Overview

The Definitive Technology Descend DN 15 High-Performance 1500W Powered Subwoofer features a unique 3XR Architecture that gives it triple the bass-producing surface area of a conventional ported subwoofer. The triple bass-producing surface area allows the subwoofer to move more air, which results in massive low-end bass performance. This design also means that the subwoofer doesn't use ports, which helps to keep the sound quality crystal clear and free of port noise and distortion.

Definitive Technology Descend DN15 Features

The DN15-powered subwoofer is equipped with dual 15" passive bass radiators and a front-firing 15" active woofer. It has a Class H amplifier with a 56-bit DSP engine and a 500-watt Class D power supply. Its frequency response ranges from 35 Hz to 200 Hz, and it is capable of delivering impactful bass to twenty-five Hz. It also features an IR repeater, which allows you to control the volume, EQ, and phase adjustment without physically touching the subwoofer.

Descend subwoofers also feature a unique 3XR Architecture that provides three times the bass-radiating surface area of traditional single-driver designs. This architecture allows them to play louder and deeper while retaining the clarity of the entire system.

The Descend DN15 High-Performance 1500-watt Powered Subwoofer is a 15-inch subwoofer and comes with a 12-inch sister model, the Descend DN12. Both models are intended for home theater and reference music systems, and both models come with a 1500-watt Class H sliding rail amplifier. The amplifier should have no problem handling transient peaks, which is necessary for proper bass extension. The Descend DN15 is equipped with 3XR Architecture, a dual-radiator array, and custom drivers.

Definitive Technology Descend DN15 Specification

Colors Midnight Black
Transducers 15” Long-Throw woofer
Passive Radiators Dual 15” XBR™ Configuration
Bass Type Bass Radiator
Feet Permanently Installed Feet with Rubber Pad (no leveling)
Dimensions 24.14" x 23.44" x 24.91"
612.6 x 594.4 x 632.7mm
Amplifier Type Class H Digital
Peak Power 1500W
Continuous (RMS) 500W
Frequency Response (-/+ 3dB) 20 Hz → 150 Hz
Low-Pass Crossover Freq 40 Hz → 120 Hz
Phase Adjustment 0 to 180 degrees
(by 45-degree increments)
Power Supply Internal
IEC 3 prong Jack
120V/240V switch
Europe (<.5W Compliance) Yes
LFE Single RCA
Speaker Left/Right 5-Way binding posts
Main Power On/Off
Volume Control +/-/ Mute Buttons
Low Pass Control +/- Buttons
Phase Control Toggle Button
Status RGB LED Yes

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