Definitive Technology DI 5.5BPS Disappearing™ Rectangular Bipolar In-Wall / In-Ceiling Surround Speaker (Unit)

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Definitive Technology DI 5.5BPS Overview

The DI 5.5BPS demonstrates Definitive's commitment to delivering the best in surround sound. The BDSS technology is a unique speaker surround that delivers enhanced cone excursion, greater cone speed, and greater cone distance. The result is a remarkably accurate and natural-sounding speaker. The DI 5.5BPS is designed to produce enveloping surround effects in any size room. The design includes a pivoting, pure aluminum dome tweeter with a unique housing that eliminates diffraction distortions and produces the best sound.

The DI 5.5BPS is not the only product from Definitive Technology to offer a Bipolar surround. The DI 5.5R flush mount speaker offers two 5-1/4" drivers and a pivoting 1" Pure Aluminum dome tweeter. The speaker also boasts a micro-perf grille and sure-grip magnetic grille fasteners. The BDSS(tm) technology is the brainchild of a team of audio experts that included industry professionals with backgrounds in design, manufacturing, and installation. The result is a flush mount speaker that offers a more natural sound, a better bass performance, and a more efficient driver. The speaker also includes a polystone basket that provides a solid launching pad.

Definitive Technology DI 5.5BPS Features 

The DI 5.5BPS may be a bit more expensive than the average home audio system, but the high-end design is well worth the extra money. The BDSS technology is the smartest way to improve the sound in your home. The speaker also features a large number of flanged and hidden features, such as the most technologically advanced tweeter in the industry. The speaker also features a more elaborate surround system than traditional speakers. The surround features a specially contoured AeroRing that distributes the sound of the driver throughout the room. The speaker is also a flanged or hidden flange, so installation isn't as difficult as it sounds.

The best part is that the DI 5.5BPS has a relatively low visual surface area, so you can easily install it in a room without obscuring the view. The best part about the BDSS technology is that the tweeter is able to move 15 degrees in a point source axis, so the speaker is ready to rock in any size room. The speaker also offers a small area for the best surround effects. The DI 5.5BPS is a great choice for surround sound and a great buy for your home audio system.

Definitive Technology DI 5.5BPS Specifications 

Qty Included 1
Availability  US
Driver Complement • (2)  1" (2.54 cm) d (Round) Pivoting Dome Tweeter - Tweeter
• (2)  5.25" (13.34 cm) d (Round) BDSS Bass/Mid - Mid/Woofer
Depth 3.88" (9.86 cm)
Weight 8.4 lbs (3.81 kg)
Grille Dimensions 13.63" (34.62 cm) h x 7.75" (19.69 cm) w
Shape Rectangle
Dimensions 12.63" (32.08 cm) h x 6.81" (17.3 cm) w
Clearance Required for Mounting Dogs (add to each side of cutout) 1" (2.54 cm)
Shape Rectangle
Dimensions 12.63" (32.08 cm) h x 6.81" (17.3 cm) w
Audio Inputs
Speaker Inputs (1) Pair of Heavy Duty, Spring Loaded - na
Total Frequency Response 28 Hz → 30,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Max Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter) 89 dB
Type A/V Receiver Crossover Setting
A/V Receiver Crossover Settings Small (60 Hz)

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