Focal CHORA Sub 600 Active Closed Subwoofer

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Focal CHORA Sub 600 Overview

The Focal CHORA Sub 600 Active Closed subwoofer is equipped with a Class-D amplifier and can deliver up to 600 watts of peak power. Its heavy polyflex membrane offers high power capability, and its low resonant frequency ensures a high quality bass response. Moreover, it features a sealed cabinet to eliminate port distortion, while its rigid Polyflex cone drives a massive magnet.

This active closed subwoofer can be placed in corners, although it is usually better to place it towards the front of the room. Its frequency range is omnidirectional, so any objects between it and the listening position will not affect the bass. It also comes with an automatic signal detection system, which turns on the subwoofer automatically when an audio signal is detected. This feature is available in two modes: "auto" and "On".

Focal CHORA Sub 600 Features

The CHORA 826-D subwoofers have impressive features, and the CHORA 826-D speakers have a Dolby Atmos module speaker. As you can see, Focal is not a cheap company. However, you can find great sound quality with these speakers, and they will not break the bank.

Focal CHORA Sub 600 Specification

Type Active closed subwoofer
Speaker driver 12" (30cm) Polyflex woofer
Frequency response at -6dB 26Hz
Frequency response (+/-3dB) 28Hz–270Hz
RCA input Right, left LFE
Crossover frequency Variable 40Hz-200Hz (LFE)
Phase adjustment Phase inverter 0°/180°
Power modes AutoStandby enable/disable
Amplifier power 600W Dynamic (300W RMS)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 153/4″x153/4″x163/4″ (400x400x425mm)
Weight 46.3lbs (21kg)

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