KEF KF92 Powered Subwoofer (Unit)

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KEF KF92 Overview

The compact and room-friendly KEF KF92 Powered Subwoofer offers a deep listening experience. It is a good choice for those who want the best possible sound in their home theater room. It has a dual-driver system to provide precise bass response and deepen the listening experience.

The KF92 Powered Subwoofer offers a surprisingly detailed and musical response, which is why it complements a wide variety of high-quality speakers. Designed with a force-cancelling system, the subwoofer can handle high sound pressure levels and delivers deep bass with controlled response. A vented design further optimizes performance and reduces the effects of viscous drag, which can reduce bass reproduction.

KEF KF92 Features

The KF92 is a compact sealed cube with a glossy black finish. It's lightweight and comfortable to move around, despite its weight of 20kg. It has solid rubber feet, and a low-profile heatsink at the rear. Overall, it delivers impressive bass reproduction and sounds great in almost every situation.

The KF92 is a relatively simple device to install. It includes rear controls and terminals for stereo line in/out. The two rear-firing ports are color-matched to the cabinet. A power switch is included. The KF92 can be set to manual or automatic operation.

KEF KF92 Specification

 Design Force cancellation
Drive Units 2x9" drivers
Frequency Response (-3db) 11Hz - 200Hz
Max Output 110dB
Amplifier Type Built-in Class D
Amplifier Power 1000W RMS (2 x 500W RMS)
Variable Low Pass Filter 40Hz – 140Hz, LFE
Input RCA phono sockets
Speaker level inputs
Power Requirements 100 - 240V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 1000W
Weight 20 Kg)
Dimension (H x W x D) with Rear Panel and Feet 352.5 x 330 x 360.5mm)

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