KEF Q550 Grille (Pair)

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KEF Q550 Overview

The KEF Q550 Grille is designed to provide a high-resolution and natural sound. This grille is made with stainless steel and features an angled design to improve airflow. Its unique grille design also allows for easy cleaning. This grille is an excellent choice for outdoor grills.

KEF Q550 Features

The grille is available in black or red and can be used on KEF speakers with Q series. The grille is magnetically mounted and is available individually or in pairs. It is a good choice for those who want to give their KEF speakers an elegant, clean look. It can be installed easily with its magnetic mounting system.

The KEF Q550 grille is an optional extra. The grille covers the speaker drivers and hides them from view. It attaches magnetically to the speaker and is removable if necessary. The grille protects the speaker drivers and makes it look pristine and stylish. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is made of durable cloth.

KEF Q550 Specifications

 DIMENSION (H X W X D) 845 x 174 x 13 mm
WEIGHT 0.5kg (1.1 lbs)

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