KEF Q650C Grille (Unit)

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KEF Q650C Overview

KEF Q650C Grille is a magnetically attached speaker grille that's perfect for hiding the driver of your speakers. It's designed to fit snugly over the speaker and is easily removable if you'd like to switch out the speakers or add new ones. This grille also features a cloth cover for maximum protection.

KEF Q650C Features

This grille is compatible with the KEF Q650C center-channel loudspeaker. It's made of a cloth material and is magnetically attached to the speaker. Its angled grill design also makes it easy to adjust its position on the speaker. It's available in two sizes.

KEF Q650C speakers come with a speaker grille pack as an extra. The grille covers the driver and attaches magnetically to the front profile of the speaker. Because the grille can be detached easily, it is ideal for traveling. It's also a practical choice for home theaters.

KEF Q650C Specifications

 DIMENSION (H X W X D) 617 x 202 x 9 mm
WEIGHT 0.4kg (0.88 lbs)

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