Magnat Monitor Reference 5A Blutooth Floorstanding Speakes (Pair)

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Magnat Monitor Reference 5A Overview

The Magnat Monitor Reference 5A Blutooth Floorstanding Speakes are full-size vloerstaande speakers that are capable of producing a quality audio performance. These are ideal for use in the living room or as part of a home cinema setup. They have a number of features that ensure they can deliver their promise. Their patented wave guide technology has been proven to enhance the off-axis response of the tweeter. It also offers an impressive display of sensitivity thanks to a low-distortion motor structure.

In addition to the aforementioned wave guide technology, the 5A series boasts a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 module, which is integrated with the aptx Low Latency codec to deliver a wireless experience. While the 5A is certainly the star of the show, the 3A also deserves a mention. Both of these models offer two woofers and one midrange, along with an impressive array of inputs.

The Monitor Reference 5A Black Series is designed to be the ultimate companion to your television. With its nifty Bluetooth savvy and aptx Low Latency technology, this speaker is a perfect match for your TV and your ears. This is a high-end set with the features, materials, and specifications to give you a truly remarkable music experience.

Magnat Monitor Reference 5A Feature

For a full-size floorstanding speaker, the 5A has some impressive features, including a two-way design, a 25 millimeter dome tweeter, and a 6.5-inch aluminum cone woofer. Other features include a built-in phono preamplifier and HDMI arc, a display that measures the nimble fumbles and a manual that includes a list of the main features. All of these features are sure to impress even the most discerning music enthusiast. You will also appreciate the slick aesthetics of this speaker, which feature a slim visual design.

Another good thing about the monitor reference is its ability to handle a range of analog and digital inputs. This includes the standard RCA inputs as well as the newer HDMI arc. There is also a CEC function, which enables the use of a remote control for your TV.

The aptx Low Latency technology eliminates the need for a separate wired connection, meaning that you can easily plug in and play without having to tinker with your cable. This allows you to listen to your favorite tracks with ease. Also, the aptx is capable of handling all the latest audio formats. Aside from Bluetooth, the reference series includes a phono stage, which means you don't have to spend another dime on an external phono converter.

The Magnat Monitor Reference 5A is one of the most impressive speakers you can buy today. With its impressive sonic and sturdily built chassis, this speaker will deliver a rich and dynamic sound that is sure to delight you and your loved ones. From its impressive sonic display to its aptx technology, the Reference 5A is certainly the high-end music speaker of choice for the audiophile. So, grab a pair and get listening! Make a note to check out the other great products from the Magnat family of products.

Magnat Monitor Reference 5A Specification

PRINCIPLE Powered Bluetooth® stereo floor standing speaker set 2.5-way bass reflex, active
DRIVERS 1 x 1“ dome tweeter 6.5“ woofer-midrange 6.5“ woofer
OUTPUT POWER (RMS/MAX.) 2 x 60 / 2 x 120 Watt
DIMENSIONS (WXHXD) 205 x 908 x 282 mm
WEIGHT Active speaker: 14,7 kg
CABINET SURFACE Front panel: matt black / housing: black textured veneer

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