Magnat MR 780 Stereo Receiver 2 x 100 W With Bluetooth, DAB+, USB & Tube Preamp

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Magnat MR 780 Overview

If you are looking for a versatile, high-performance stereo receiver with an excellent touch, look no further than the Magnat MR 780. It offers a variety of connectivity options, and it delivers a polished and warm audiophile-quality sound. You will love the combination of the phono MM, the high-end tube pre-amp, and the strong power amp.

Despite the price tag, the MR 780 is a reliable stereo system that is worth your investment. It is a very flexible and dependable system, especially if you decide to use it with a good pair of speakers.

Magnat MR 780 Feature

The Magnat MR 780 is a high-end stereo receiver that features a powerful power amp. It also offers a variety of features to satisfy all your listening needs.

This modern and stylish stereo receiver has a great range of connections, from USB to a 3.5 mm jack. It supports Bluetooth (r) and aptX (tm) codecs. These technologies ensure loss-free signal quality. Additionally, the MR 780 has an FM and DAB/DAB+ tuner, which can help you listen to your favorite music on the go.

This stereo receiver is powered by a full-metal enclosure and a brushed aluminum front panel. Both of these components make the MR 780 very stable and durable. In addition, the controls are made from solid aluminum, which gives the device a smooth and responsive feel.

There are a variety of inputs on the MR 780, including two coaxial and five high-level analog inputs. In addition, there is a USB audio 2.0 input, which can be used for transferring audio files directly to the MR 780. As for the output, it has a transistor-based endstage, which is capable of delivering up to 100 watts RMS per channel at 4 ohms.

Another great feature of the MR 780 is its phono MM. The unit includes a phono pre-amp so that you can easily play your MM cartridges on the system. Also, the MR 780 has a Bluetooth 4.0 aptX connection, which means that you can connect it to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy direct wireless access to your tunes.

Besides the standard RCA inputs, the MR 780 offers you an HDMI 1.3 connection, which can allow you to play music from your smart TV. Moreover, there is a USB port, which allows you to transfer data from your PC or Mac.

With its affordable price, the MR 780 is a terrific value. Among other portals, it has received nearly constant positive feedback. During our testing of the unit, we were impressed by its sound and power. We recommend it for those who wish to own a quality receiver with the option to stream music.

The MR 780 is available in Belgium, Switzerland, and France. Aside from its impressive features, the stereo receiver has a remarkably low cost, making it a popular option for those who don't want to spend a lot of money. Whether you prefer a classic design or a modern one, the MR 780 is a great choice.

Magnat MR 780 Specification

FREQUENCY RANGE DAB/DAB+ 174.928 – 239.2 MHz (Band III)
INPUT SENSITIVITY CD/Tuner/Aux/Line/Tape: 470 mV/100 kΩ Phono MM: 5 mV/47 kΩ
DIGITAL INPUTS 2. coaxial (cinch) 1. optical (Toslink™) Supported sampling frequencies: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192kHz Supported bit depth: 16/24bits USB 2.0, type B connector
BLUETOOTH® INPUT Bluetooth® 4.0 / Qualcomm® aptX™
DIMENSIONS (WXHXD) 433 x 132 x 317 mm (360 mm incl. controls and connectors)
WEIGHT 8.9 kg

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