Magnat Signature 505 Floorstanding Speakers (Pair)

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Magnat Signature 505 Overview

If you want to upgrade your home audio system, you might consider Magnat Signature 505 Floorstanding Speakers. This elegant speaker is a great combination of the latest technology and elaborate chassis. The Signature 500's housing has a baffle that is finished with a high-gloss black piano lacquer. In addition to this, the front panel is adorned with a silk-matt anthracite finish. It also comes with decorative rings that are mounted by six screws. Spikes are included with the package, ensuring that the Signature 505 is securely fixed to its mounting surface.

The Signature 505's woofer is an equally impressive machine. It is designed to reproduce lower frequencies with precision. It is equipped with a 17-centimeter mid-bass driver. Moreover, it is fitted with a Hi-Res certified double tweeter module. Another impressive feature is the Airflex port. Its rounded reflex opening allows for better flow noise reduction.

Magnat Signature 505 Feature

Aside from the aforementioned signature 500 floor-standing speakers, Magnat also offers Signature 503, which is a shelf-top model. These speakers are available in various versions, including a limited edition "wenge" color. While they may not be a match for the pricey Signature 505, they are a worthy contender in their own right. Both models are manufactured in a pristine quality that is sure to please audiophiles.

One of the most impressive features of the Signature 507 is its slim profile. Besides its sleekness, the speaker is equipped with a Hi-Res certified dual tweeter module and a 170 mm bass-midrange unit. This combination enables it to produce a sound that is comparable to that of the flagship model. Similarly, the Signature 500's housing is made from solid MDF that is adorned with a silk-matt finish. Unlike its larger siblings, the Signature 507's rear panel is not covered in a hefty fabric cover. Likewise, it is not equipped with a massive silver grill.

Although the Magnat Signature 505 Floorstanding Speakers does not have the most powerful motor, its elegant design is the perfect candidate to take home the award for best speaker in its class. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone speaker or a component for your home theater system, the Signature 500 will deliver all the fidelity you are accustomed to.

Magnat Signature 505 Specification

PRINCIPLE 3.5 way, dual 6.5" woofer-midrange, bass reflex
DRIVERS 1.2" dome-tweeter 0.75" super-tweeter 6.5“ woofer 6.5“ woofer-midrange
IMPEDANCE 4 – 8 Ohms
CROSSOVER FREQUENCIES 330 Hz / 2800 Hz / 17500 Hz
DIMENSIONS (WXHXD) Enclosure: 205 x 930 x 332 Enclosure incl. Spikes: 286 x 970 x 332 mm

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