Magnat Signature Sub 730A Subwoofer

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Magnat Signature Sub 730A  Overview

Magnat Signature Sub 730A is a high-performance subwoofer. It's a no-frills, no-nonsense product that delivers excellent results and fits neatly into any home cinema system. Powered by a class D amplifier rated for 190 or 380 watts of continuous power, it's sure to ratchet up the oomph factor of any audio system. The Signature Sub 730A isn't just a subwoofer, it's also a full-fledged home theater speaker with a high-gloss front panel and matching cabinet. This is the subwoofer that you'll never be embarrassed to have in your home.

Obviously, the Magnat Signature Sub 730A isn't the only option available in this category. There are many competing manufacturers to choose from. However, none of them can compare to the flagship of the fleet. For a price that won't break the bank, you'll be getting a whole new world of sound in your home. Whether you're after a pair of bookshelf speakers or a full cinema rig, this model will be a hit. As with most Magnat products, the Signature Sub 730A has a sleek, streamlined design that is sure to complement your home decor. Using a bass reflex construction, it's built to last.

Magnat Signature Sub 730A Feature

Although the Signature Sub 730A might be an expensive option, the signature of this subwoofer is that it's not a complete rip-off. In fact, the Signature Sub 730A has many of the same features as the more expensive models and it comes in a number of attractive finishes, including gloss black, polished cherry and matte walnut. Not only that, but it also offers some of the best sound quality you'll ever hear out of a subwoofer. Having a Magnat Signature Sub 730A in your home will definitely give you the best entertainment experience you've ever had.

Magnat Signature Sub 730A  Specification

PRINCIPLE Powered bassreflex subwoofer, down-fire
DRIVERS 1 x 12“ powered subwoofer
OUTPUT POWER (RMS/MAX.) 190 / 380 Watts
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 19- 200 Hz 19 – 200 Hz
CROSSOVER FREQUENCIES 40 – 120 Hz adjustable
PHASE 0° - 180° adjustable

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