Marantz Model 40n Premium Series Integrated Stereo Amplifier

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Marantz Model 40n Overview

The Model 40's internal layout looks much like the previous Model 30 integrated stereo amplifier. It is powered by a Class-D HYPEX NCORE module. It also has a massive transformer and massive heat sinks. It has a DAC by ESS, which processes PCM and DSD up to 5.6MHz.

The Marantz 40n Premium Series Integrated Stereo Amplifier is designed to be the hub of your home sound system. It supports hi-res streaming and multiple devices including turntables. Its HDMI ARC input enables you to integrate the unit with your favorite streaming system.

Marantz Model 40n Features

Marantz's new Model 40n Premium Series Integrated Stereo Amplifier features a powerful four-channel output. Its back panel includes a "power amp in" stereo connection and a subwoofer output with selectable crossover settings (40, 60, 100, and 120 Hz). It also has an Ethernet port, antenna connectors, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antenna connections. In addition, it has an IEC power inlet and a bright red firmware reset button.

The Model 40n  is a mid-range integrated stereo amplifier with a wide soundstage and pristine sound. It also supports streaming media and HEOS. It also has a phono stage and an HDMI input for AV connectivity. Designed for music and movie enthusiasts, the Marantz Model 40N has an impressive range of features.


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