Marantz PM-14S1 SE (Special Edition) Amplifier

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  • Power Output (8 / 4 Ohm RMS) 90 W / 140 W
  • Frequency Response 5 Hz - 100kHz
  • Power Transformer: Toroidal
  • High-Grade Audio Components
  • Customized Components
  • Symmetric PCB Layout
  • 5 mm Aluminum Top Plate


Marantz PM14S1SE

The Marantz PM14S1SE is a fully upgraded amplifier made by Marantz to match all the cutting-edge technologies of 2021. One of the significant upgrades added to the PM14S1SE is Marantz?s premium and exclusive HDAM technology that lets the users feel the dynamic range luxury added with an inaudible noise floor that makes to cancel even the tiniest of sounds in any room. And this is not boasting, and results have proven a super low noise level of 15 dB. Coming to the input and output options, the PM14S1SE is fitted carries a variety of different slots to fit recorders of multiple various sources.

The model also supports phono analog inputs as well as a variety of different CD drives. You can go as far as two other recorders at a time as there are two additional input-output jacks. This model can also be used as a standalone stereo power amplifier using the power amp direct input feature that has been specially tailored for the PM14S1SE model. You can go a step further and connect it with an external amplifier as it also comes with in-built stereo pre-amp outputs. Marantz is known for its premium outer looks of its product, and you get to feel this on the PM14S1SE with the gold plated analog inputs and outputs connectors. It is done to ensure that the signal transfer magnitude remains optimal and stable in the long term for higher sustainability overall.

Key Specifications of Marantz PM14S1SE

  • It has a mega high total harmonic distortion in the order of 0.02%
  • The signal to noise ratio is around 86/75 dB that ensures immersive ambient sound
  • Power output is well rated and amazingly efficient and stands at (8/4 Ohm RMS) 90 W/140 W
  • It has a damping factor of 100 that ensures a high level of ambient noise cancellation?
  • The input sensitivity is at 2.7 mV / 47 kOhm, which is very high and such that it provides a high-performance connection with other external devices
  • Frequency response is also good in the price segment and stands at 5 Hz-100 kHz
  • Being one of the newest in the industry range, it has almost all the latest standards of modern audio modulation
  • The feet are highly rigid and made up of a very thick and heavy 5 mm plate that ensures that the vibrations are minimised
  • Marantz premium HDAMS saves a lot of energy with the most efficient electrical signal path

Feel the magic of the inaudible noise floor with Marantz PM14S1SE

The Marantz PM14S1SE clocks an astounding 86/75 dB noise ratio that gives you the feel of an almost inaudible noise floor while listening to your favourite music or audio tunes. The Marantz HDAM technology added with the dynamic range is what makes this a reality. This is the foundation of all the audio dampening that happens inside this model.?

Marantz PM14S1SE Offers Versatile Input and Output options.

In the PMS1SE, you get two high-end line-level output and input options. These options let you enjoy multiple external devices all at once without ever having to worry much about the backend as it is fully automated and tailored to ease your experience. And this comes only in addition to the extra CD driver that?s provided with the model.

Get the cleanest and Seamless power.

The Marantz's formidable toroidal transformer enables the release of the cleanest power in the model segment with the help of a technique that involves eliminating cross-contamination of the components that have been fitted inside the amplifier. What you get by all of this is considerable power efficiency, which saves you a lot of money, especially in the long term?something you should give a big focus on keeping in mind the rising price of energy every year.

Compatible with the broadest speaker impedance range

The Marantz PM14S1SE features a power output device that runs on a mega high amplitude of current which ensures compatibility even with speakers with the widest of impedance ranges in the market. This is a rare feat, and most other amplifiers in this price bracket don?t have anything quite like this, so this one thing gives the PM14S1SE a considerable edge over any other amplifier in the market.

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