Marantz PM 5005 Integrated Amplifier with Phono Input - 40W/Channel

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Marantz PM 5005 Overview

If you're looking for a quality integrated amplifier to supplement your stereo system, the Marantz PM 5005 may be the amp for you. This amplifier features a very nice spec sheet, providing information on signal handling and more. It even offers Source Direct functionality.

This Marantz stereo integrated amplifier offers a great design and audiophile sound. Its all-analog circuitry is designed to deliver a broad frequency response, high dynamic range, and true low impedance drive capability. It is capable of driving four and eight-ohm speakers.

Marantz PM 5005 Features

Its current feedback architecture, a feature typically reserved for more expensive models, produces fast signal handling, resulting in balanced stereo sound reproduction. It also features performance-optimizing discrete audio circuitry. It also has an elegant knob design and a remote control. The PM5005 also features a low-power stand-by mode.

The PM 5005 includes dual recording inputs and a headphone amplifier jack. The unit also has multiple speaker cable terminations. It also features a source direct function that bypasses the loudness control and tone controls. Another key feature of this Marantz amplifier is its fully discrete volume amplifier circuit, which delivers the widest sound band with the least distortion.

The Marantz PM 5005 is the next step up from the PM5004, which was introduced five years ago. It has a new remote control and improved knobs, and a power sipping standby mode. It also offers a few other changes over its predecessor. The PM 5005's CD player uses a new CD transport mechanism and uses a Cirrus Logic CS4398. Despite the minor improvements, the PM 5005 shares the same specifications as the CD5004 but lowers channel separation to 98dB from 110dB.

Marantz PM 5005 Specification






























































Brand Marantz
Power Amplifier Speaker Channels Stereo
Frequency Response 10 Hz - 50 kHz
Watts RMS per Channel (4 ?) 55 Watts
Watts RMS per Channel (8 ?) 40 Watts
Input Sensitivity 200 mV (High Level) | 2.2 mV (Phono)
Input Impedance 20 k? (High Level) | 47 k? (Phono)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 102 dB (2V input) (High Level) | 83 dB (Phono)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 0.05 %
Number of Inputs 6
Phono Input Yes
Warranty Australian Manufacture Warranty
Product Dimension (H?W?D) 105 x 440 x 370 mm
Product Weight 6.7 Kg


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