Marantz PM-KI Ruby Ken Ishiwata Signature Reference Integrated Amplifier

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  • Power Output (8 / 4 Ohm RMS) 100 W / 200 W
  • Frequency Response 5 Hz-50 kHz
  • Floating Control Bus (3.5 mm mono jack x 2)
  • Double Layer Bottom Plate
  • Low noise OLED display



Designed to deliver enhanced quality audio with your speakers, the Marantz PM-KI Ruby is a SIGNATURE REFERENCE INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER developed and tuned by a highly experienced engineering team led by Ken Ishiwata himself. The aim is all about the most robust audio performance imaginable. A discrete two-stage design powering a pre-amp and power amp individually utilising a moving coil magnet phono stage. The PM-KI Ruby is built to last with its vibration-resistant double-layer chassis and thick aluminium panes for the most substantial rigidity.

The integrated amplifier can convert high-resolution files such as PCM / DXD 384KHz / 32bit and DSD11.2MHz, to DSD, with a 1-bit conversion method pinnacle performance that?s synonymous with Marantz excellence. The PM-KI Ruby uses the latest high-grade HDAM SA3 version combined with an optimised circuit design layout and precisely selected components that deliver outstanding sound quality and performance.

Marantz PM-KI RUBY Key Features

  • Boasts 100 watts x 2 channels with 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) of enormous power output at 0.05% THD.
  • 4-ohm stable to easily cope with a wide range of high impedance speakers.
  • Delivers the purest signal and superior audio quality with the fully discrete two-stage design with separate power supplies for the pre-amplifier and power amp.
  • High-resolution preamplifier stage with proprietary HDAM SA3 technology for much more dynamic, reliable, and accurate sound.
  • The purely analog design adds to its noise-reduction construction and clean build.
  • Features multiple sources of analog inputs and outputs for additional system configuration versatility.
  • The dedicated headphone output supports the broadest range of headphone types to deliver superb audio fidelity including low impedance headphones.
  • Equipped with a high-quality sound system called FCBS (Floating Control Bus System) developed by Marantz lets you connect and manage up to three subordinate Ruby amps in additional zones comfortably.
  • Provides an elegant remote control with remote control input and output jacks for further remote control configuration flexibility.
  • Ensures the best signal possible with the nickel-plated copper independent input terminals for CD and Phono along with Marantz-original high-quality/high-purity copper-plated speaker terminals.

Marantz PM-KI RUBY Powerful And Versatile Speaker

The Marantz PM-KI Ruby is a powerful, versatile, and elegant amplifier that generates 100 watts x 2 channel into an 8ohm load of large power output for the purest possible sound while supporting the power needed for demanding speakers. It can also cope with high-impedance speakers, thanks to a 200 watts x 2 channel power output into 4ohms. The PM-KI Ruby delivers the purest signal and outstanding audio quality- every time you listen to your favourite music via the thoughtfully created fully discrete two-stage design and separate power supplies for the pre-amplifier and power amp. Additionally, the Marantz Floating Control Bus System (FCBS) is a high-quality sound system that lets you connect and manage up to three subordinate Ruby amps in additional zones comfortably.

Marantz PM-KI RUBY Multiple Options for Connection

The PM-KI Ruby is planned particularly for analog-loving audiophiles. It comes with six stereo RCA audio inputs on the back plus a moving coil/moving magnet phono stage to deliver optimal sound quality by simplifying the signal path. You can also choose to use the amp in either primary stereo mode or with a second PM-KI Ruby to bi-amp compatible speakers with the fixed dedicated switch in the amplifier. Thanks to proprietary Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAM), SA3 circuitry that replaces the chip-based amps used elsewhere promises to provide much more dynamic, accurate, and detailed sound.

Current Feedback Amplifier

The Marantz PM-KI Ruby is designed with a well-known Current Feedback amplification using the Marantz-original circuit technology to match Super Audio high-resolution music?s demands wide-bandwidth and high-speed reproduction. The impedance at the Current Feedback point is restricted, creating a deficient phase shift. This reduces the need for phase compensation by lessening the NFB (Negative Feedback), simplifying the signal path and resulting in a highly through-rate, magnificent transient response and excellent sonic transparency across the entire bandwidth. Comparatively, the Current Feedback also makes the power amplifier insensitive to difficult loudspeaker loads.

Marantz PM-KI RUBY Control Everything

The Marant PM-KI Ruby employs a newly developed high-quality electric volume control with the most advanced volume control IC to achieve better channel separation, dynamic range, and distortion reduction. The powerful amplifier retains an analog volume control device?s operational quality for high linearity and best-in-class channel separation.

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