Marantz SA-12 SE(Special Edition) Super Audio CD Player With DAC

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Marantz SA-12SE Special Edition Super Audio

CD Player with DAC - Custom-designed 1-bit

direct ?MMM?Conversion? from DSD to

analogue - Marantz HDAM-SA3 technology

and low impedance output



The Marantz SA-12 is a special Edition Audio CD player made for delivering high-resolution, refined, and smooth music to the enthusiast. The audio player is a master in processing the high-grade digital and analog sound/audio that houses the copyright(ed) Marantz Musical Mastering technology. Such technology transforms all PCM file formats to DSD format with an advanced filtering system to produce exceptional sound quality and performance.?

The super audio player can eliminate any distortion or mechanical interference with the high-grade, thick, non-magnetic aluminium front panel. The SA-12SE offers a musical experience, unlike any CD Player. It features a low-noise LC display that is exceptionally compatible with CD-Text encoded music disc while allowing easy to read alpha-numeric characters for the best home audio experience.

Marantz SA12-SE Key Features

  • These products are designed and tuned by a team of specialists trained to craft the legacy of Marantz. Marantz has been a critical industry player for more than 65 years, and such experience helps them deliver the best.
  • It can convert PCM signals to DSD using the innovative Marantz?s ?MMM-Stream? filtering.
  • The device allows a pure DSD audio signal to be passed to the conversion section via the custom-designed 1-bit direct ?MMM?Conversion?.
  • Features an all-new high-quality Marantz SACD/CD transport mechanism ?SACD-M3? created solely for the best audio performance.
  • Marantz HDAM-SA3 technology and low impedance output offer excellent detail and dynamic range while reducing noise.
  • Using this, you can play high-resolution playback music up to PCM/DXD 384kHz/32bit and DSD11.2MHz with the rear-panel USB-B and USB-A input section.
  • It blocks noise from connected sources by separating USB and digital inputs.
  • The device boasts a toroidal transformer for less vibration.
  • It is compatible with the broadest range of headphone types and lower impedance headphones with the dedicated headphone amplifier featuring HDAM-SA2.

Enjoy Best Cinematic Experience with Marantz SA12-SE?

The Marantz SA12-SE is a beautiful sonic trademark from the company- tuned carefully by the sound masters to deliver a power-packed performance. This device was built for audiophiles who want to celebrate music?s emotion using components? proficiency and craftsmanship. Marantz is keen to test each of its components rigorously. By doing so, they can provide the finest of its products available for your home.?

Experience the Premium with Marantz SA12-SE?

The Audio CD player provides excellent potential. The extra unwavering attention to detail, component choice, and longer listening sessions make it one of the most sought-after CD players in the market. The SA-12 Special Edition was born by combining the achievements developed from the SA-12 and the famous SA-KI Ruby, thereby delivering the finest quality of sound and cinematic experience that you can ever expect from a CD player.

Experience Best in class Performance from a SACDM-3 Transport Mechanism

For the best possible performance when playing SA-CDs, CDs, and music stored on data discs, the SA-12SE?s heart is equipped with a SACDM-3 transport mechanism. Marantz?s unique mechanism guarantees the regularised CD and SA-CD discs to produce excellent audio quality. It makes it feasible for the audiences to create their own hi-res audio collection discs employing a computer DVD burner. Besides, the outstanding Marantz SA-12SE supports high-resolution ALAC (Apple Lossless), AIFF, MP3 files, and FLAC files up to 192kHz/ 24-bit resolution DSD2.8MHz, and DSD 5.6MHz formats. The SA-12 Special Edition CD player simply makes it easy for the listeners to create and play high-resolution disc compilations as smoothly and effortlessly as it can be.

Enjoy Marantz SA12-SE?s Proprietary MMM Conversion Stage Stream Section

Marantz uses its exclusive MMM-Stream converter within the player to convert the PCM inputs to DSD at 11.2MHz. The high-frequency signal generated is handled by the unique MMM-Conversion stage to create the analog output by replacing the regular DAC. The SA-12SE delivers exceptional performance under all musical conditions, with the MMM-Stream section succeeds the oversampling filters usually used in the DAC.?

Two system clocks of 44KHz and 48KHz are used to ensure that the incoming signal?s most precise up-conversion occurs, whether from a disc or the digital inputs. All of the signals are converted using Digital Signal Processing with 32-bit floating-point precision for the most accurate and detailed sound and preventing the loss of important information or creating failures for maximum performance.

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