Marantz SA-14S1 SE (Special Edition) SACD/CD Player

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  • SA-CD / CD Playback, USB-A and DAC-Mode
  • Marantz Original SA-CD Mechanism
  • USB-B with Asynchronous Mode
  • Analogue Audio Circuits
  • Marantz HDAM®-SA2 for High-Quality Audio


Marantz SA14S1SE

The Marantz SA14S1SE is a premium CD player offered by Marantz. It is a relatively newer model as compared to the other brands in the same price segment. The SA14S1SE is a pretty stylish model and has been heavily optimised exclusively to reproduce high-resolution files. And not only Marantz has levelled up a gear to increase the audio quality and reproduction to staggering new heights, and this was all possible because of the cross-fired DAC that was built into the chassis platform. Continuing with the highly rigid feet system that has been used to clear out any extra vibration that might slip in, a 5 mm thick copper plate has been installed.

The evergreen Toroidal transformer combined with the component cross-contamination gives the unmatched, most efficient, and cleanest power on record. The SA14S1SE also carries many carriers for various slots to fit recorders of multiple, multiple sources. Feel free to go as far as two other recorders when there are two different input-output jacks. Another exciting thing is that it has various streaming engines inserted in it that can give constant fine-tuned audio playback for a long frame of time.

Key specifications of Marantz SA14S1SE

  • Multiple USB/ USB-B inputs with added support that allow perfectly stable connection to your PC, iPod, and iPhone
  • Thick and very rigid chassis added with a heavy foot for the elimination of vibrations of any kind.
  • They are nicely arranged along finely tuned sensors that are very well optimised from the inside for high-definition files support.
  • Dedicated headphone output that can go up to four jacks
  • Low noise LED fluorescent display with an especially added glass
  • Intuitive laser-sighted remote control included and came right in the box
  • Sampling Rates stands at 192 kHz/24-bit and is very sharp
  • Harmonic Distortion is more than 0.001% that adds extra detail
  • Signal to noise ratio is 110 dB that gives you excellent quality audio
  • Frequency Response 12 Hz - 20 kHz, which is pretty good
  • Dynamic Range is at 100 dB, so you do not have to worry about loudness
  • Channel Separation CD is 102 dB, no forget about compatibility issues
  • Programming capability is 20 CDs so multi enjoyment at ones
  • Digital to Analogue Converter is high-end Multi-bit as well as Delta-Sigma
  • The dimensions of the product are 127 x 440 x 419
  • USB Ports: USB + USB-B input which gives plenty of room for your external devices
  • Weight is 15.3 kg and is quite portable

Marantz SA14S1SE the Stand Out SACD Player

Coming with the quality Optical and Digital inputs included in the model and a three-channel USB-B input for direct connection to your PC. With this, you get the Marantz SA14S1SE to provide direct high-definition audio streaming right from your PC, letting you use the high-quality DAC with the audio output stage as well all through the HDAM-SA2 modules, which makes it the stand-out CD player for you.

Feel the harmonic distribution of audio

The latest ground andplayer?s front side and player?s extra signal isolator technology included in this CD player virtually eliminates any possible PC noise. This SA14S1SE is different and can operate as a completely isolated soundcard addition to your PC as it comes with a USB-B port that can work in asynchronous mode and support 192 kHz/ 24 bits, DSD 2.8MHz. Things don?t stop here. It also has a 5.6MHz for maximum versatility and performance. An MP3 playing USB input is included on the front side of the player to ensure you don?t get any discomfort with your music experience. WAV and AAC formats, as well as iPod and iPhone and Android, you name it. This beast supports it all.

Please the Audiophile in you with Marantz SA14S1SE?

The Marantz SA-14S1 is a premium product due to many reasons. It features the exclusive Marantz HDAM technology, employing dedicated modules constructed with discrete components. All the parts are hand-tailored and built to work together to deliver a wide dynamic range and fast slew rate for an actual wideband response. The power supply isn?t a catch as well. It comes with a high current toroidal power transformer that uses an OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) system. It has secondary windings, complete with high speed, high current Schottky Barrier Diodes installed in the rectifier stage. All this combined ends up delivering the purest DC voltage output in the most efficient way possible.

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