Marantz SACD 30N Networked SACD / CD player

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Marantz SACD 30N Overview

The SACD 30n Networked SACD / CD player is equipped with a USB-B socket and offers premium digital to analogue processing for a rich audio experience. It uses a steel top cover and thick non-magnetic aluminum panels to deliver high-quality sound. It also features a three-line OLED display.

Its high-resolution digital source, an advanced transport mechanism, and its support for high-resolution music files and streaming services, make the SACD 30n an excellent choice for your home theater. This networked SACD player is compatible with a variety of inputs and features a dedicated headphone amplifier, a unique feature for this type of player.

Marantz SACD 30N Features

The Marantz SACD 30n features a network of eight audio inputs and outputs. The player comes with a five-year parts warranty and a three-year warranty on the drive mechanism.

It features a rounded design that is visually pleasing and makes for an enjoyable listening experience. The top plate is constructed of steel, while the side and front panels are made of aluminum. The controls are symmetrical and have the headphone jack and power button on the right side. The unit also has a carved decorative panel at the rear. It also includes LED atmosphere lights on both sides.

This networked SACD / CD player is compatible with HEOS, a platform that makes it easy to connect to your home network. The SACD 30n also supports streaming music services like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, and Room. Moreover, HEOS makes it easy to control your music with your smartphone or tablet.

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