Optoma HD39HDR Full HD (4K Compatible) Projector 4500 Lumens | 50000:1 Contrast Ratio

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Optoma HD39HDR Overview

The Optoma HD39HDR FullHD Projector is capable of displaying 4,000 lumens of brightness. This is a very high brightness, and it is ideal for dark rooms or media rooms. This projector also features HDR, which provides a higher contrast ratio and improved color accuracy. It is also capable of handling 4K HDR content, which is ideal for gaming and home theater systems.

 It has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for improved image detail. It also supports HDR10, which helps deliver more vivid colors. In addition, this projector is easy to install and can be transported to different locations.

Optoma HD39HDR Features

Its built-in speakers provide great sound quality and eliminate the need for external speakers. The projector also has a long lamp life, meaning that you will spend less money on lamp replacements. It also features an IR remote for added convenience. Its USB power port can deliver up to one amp of power. This projector is also compatible with HDMI streaming media players.

The Optoma HD39HDR FullHD Projector can display 4K Ultra HD content and supports HDR10. It can display 4K UHD content in 1080p. While the picture quality is not as sharp as with more expensive projectors, it is very close to standard HD televisions.

If you're looking for a full HD DLP home theater projector, the Optoma HD39HDR is a good choice. It offers high quality picture performance and great features. In this article, you'll learn about the features of this projector, including lamp options, brightness control, and HDR capabilities.

Full HD DLP Home Theater Projector

The Optoma HD39HDR FullHD DLP Home Theater Projector packs a lot into its 4K UHD clamshell. Its keystone correction is a doohickey, and the built-in speakers are so good you won't need external ones. Plus, it has an IR remote for hands-free operation. In addition to HDMI, it also supports USB ports to power up compatible streaming media players.

As for its components, the Optoma HD39HDR features a 15,000-hour lamp and a 120-Hz refresh rate, which is about the same as what you'll find in a standard television. Aside from the standard features, you'll find the usual suspects including an HDMI 2.0 connector, a USB power port, and a single-cable audio and video input, which makes it easy to set up and take down. You'll also find the aforementioned speakers, an IR remote, and a handful of other buttons on the main control panel. Moreover, the Optoma HD39HDR boasts a hefty 4,000-lumen light output, which is perfect for dark rooms.

On top of its slick looks, the Optoma HD39HDR is a worthy addition to any home theater or gaming system. With its long list of features and a low overall cost of ownership, it's not hard to see why. If you're in the market for a projector, you owe it to yourself to check out this one. Whether you're tinkering around the house or enjoying a family movie night, the Optoma HD39HDR FullHD Projector is the best bet in this category. Be sure to check it out today. Its multi-media features may be the smartest in its class. For more information on this top-of-the-line model, contact the team at Optoma. Lastly, it's worth mentioning that Optoma's reputation for high-quality displays is unmatched by any competing manufacturer.

Optoma HD39HDR's HDR capabilities

The Optoma HD39HDR is a projector designed for home entertainment, as well as for gaming. It supports a 50,000:1 contrast ratio and 10-watt audio. In addition, the projector's brightness is enhanced by its 4000-lumens light source.

The Optoma HD39HDR offers a wide color gamut, as well as high dynamic range (HDR). This technology makes the picture look more realistic, with deeper black levels. Moreover, the projector's 120Hz refresh rate delivers smooth input.

With its 0.65-inch DMD chip, the projector is able to deliver a sharp and vibrant image. Additionally, the Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology provides a faster response time.

Optoma also offers a 1.3x lens shift, along with a vertical keystone correction feature. The HD39HDR is powered by a 245W lamp with a rated lifespan of 10,000 hours.

Optoma HD39HDR is equipped with HDMI 2.0, VGA, and RS-232 ports. It also has a USB port for powering compatible HDMI streaming media players. You can choose between Cinema, Enhanced Gaming, Bright, and sRGB display modes. These modes give you a detailed image, albeit with lesser brightness.

The projector's 4,000 ANSI lumens are great for watching media content in an ambient room. However, it is not suitable for critical applications.

One of the greatest challenges of most projectors is their input lag. Even the Optoma HD39HDR isn't without this issue. Though it's not as severe as some other brands, it's still something to be aware of.

For most users, the Optoma HD39HDR will do fine for watching movies and playing video games. But for serious videophiles, it may be worth looking for other models.

Optoma's HD39HDR is priced at just under $1,000. This price is not too steep considering its long lamp life, high resolution, and flexibility of installation. That being said, the projector is quite fragile and should be taken care of.

Despite its weaknesses, the HD39HDR is a solid value for anyone looking for a high-performance projector that can be used in their home or for mobile purposes. It's also a good choice for a budget-conscious gamer, especially if they can get a deal on the projector.

Adjusting the Brightness

If you're looking for a projector that offers excellent light output and vibrant color, then the Optoma HD39HDR might be just the right choice. This compact device packs in a lot of features, including a powerful lamp, an advanced DLP chip, a wide range of inputs, and a built-in focus ring. The result is a projector that delivers true 3D content from almost any 3D source.

For those who enjoy gaming, the Optoma HD39HDR provides a gaming experience that rivals that of similarly priced televisions. It's also an ideal option for those who prefer to watch movies and TV shows at home. You'll get an impressive contrast ratio and a 120Hz refresh rate that gives you ultra-smooth flicker-free images.

Although the Optoma HD39HDR is designed to deliver an immersive experience, it does come with some necessary adjustments that should be made after the initial setup. These adjustments include Brightness, the brightness level of the light source, and a new option for changing the lamp's life.

The brighter the projector, the better it can perform in a variety of indoor environments. However, there are some limitations to using the lamp in an area where there's a high level of ambient light. Fortunately, the Optoma HD39HDR has a built-in lens that can help prevent a lot of problems.

Also, although the Optoma HD39HDR's fan is quiet, there's a noticeable bump in the fan noise when you switch from Eco to Bright mode. However, this isn't as much of a jump as you'd expect.

Another downside is the projector's high input lag. This is particularly a problem if you plan to watch games. A 16.4-ms input lag is comparable to that of some similarly-priced televisions. While the projector's 8-ms response time is faster than most, it's still not quick enough for the type of intense game play that you'll find in a gaming room.

Overall, the Optoma HD39HDR makes a good choice for gamers, especially if you're looking for a powerful projector with a long life span. But, if you're a serious videophile, you might be interested in another option.

Optoma HD39HD's Lamp Capabilities

The Optoma HD39HDR projector features a 10-watt audio system, a 120Hz refresh rate, and an 8.4ms response time. It also has HDMI 2.0, VGA, and a 15,000-hour lamp life. The lamp can be bare or a housing can be added. This projector supports 1080p resolution, which provides sharp images from HD content.

To get the best performance, you should purchase an original bulb inside the lamp. These lamps have a better lifespan and provide the highest brightness. In addition, they can be refilled or replaced without having to remove the housing. They can be purchased from Pureland Supply, which offers free same day shipping on all orders. Additionally, they offer a 180-day warranty. However, if you prefer the cheaper option, you can also purchase generic lamps. You can choose from a variety of bulb types, such as Philips, Osram, and Phoenix.

Unlike bare bulbs, the lamp in the OPTOMA HD39HDR projector has a housing, which makes it easier to replace. Also, the lamp can be used with four picture modes. This includes Enhanced Gaming Mode, which enhances dark scenes, and an HDR10 signal. Aside from these benefits, the Optoma HD39HDR also has a 1.3x zoom and a 10-watt audio system.

Optoma HD39HDR Specifications 

Display Technology DLP
Native Resolution 1080p 1920 x 1080
Brightness 4500 ANSI Lumens
Contrast 50,000:1
Light Source Lamp
Lamp Life 15,000/10,000/4,000 (Eco+ Mode/Eco Mode/Bright Mode)
Throw Ratio 1.124~1.467
Zoom Type 1.3x Manual
I/O Connectors HDMI 2.0×1 (HDCP 2.2 supported), HDMI 1.4ax1 (HDCP 2.2 supported), USB-A 2.0×1, VGA-INx1, VGA-OUTx1, Audio-INx1, Audio-OUTx1, RS232x1
Speaker (Watts) 10W
Keystone Correction ±40° Vertical
Weight (Kg) 3
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 316 x 243.5 x 98mm(w/o feet)
Aspect Ratio Native 16:9
Offset 116%±5%
Projected image size 40.2”~300”
Projection Distance 1m – 7.5m
Projection Lens F: 2.43(Wide)~2.67(Tele); f : 21.86mm(Wide)~24.00mm(Tele)
Uniformity 70%
Computer Compatibility FHD, HD, WXGA, UXGA, SXGA, XGA, SVGA, VGA, Mac
Video Compatibility PAL (B, D, G, H, I, M, N, 4.43MHz), NTSC (M, J, 3.58MHz, 4.443MHz), SECAM (B, D, G, K, K1, L, 4.25,MHz, 4.4MHz, 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p(50/60Hz), 1080i(50/60Hz) 1080p(24/50/60Hz)
3D Support Full 3D – The 3D features of Optoma projectors can only be used with compatible 3D content.
3D compatibilty Side-by-Side:1080i50 / 60, 720p50 / 60 Frame-pack: 1080p24, 720p50 / 60 Over-Under: 1080p24, 720p50 / 60
Horizontal Scan Rate 15.375 – 91.146 kHz
Vertical Scan Rate 50~85Hz
Displayable Colors 1073.4 million colors (10 bit)
Noise Level 26dB
Power Supply 100V ~ 240V ± 10%, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption Typical 230W MAX 253W @ 110VAC (Bright), Typical 225W MAX 248W @ 220VAC (Bright), Typical 190W MAX 209W @ 110VAC (Eco), Typical 187W MAX 206W @ 220VAC (Eco)
Lamp Type 240W
RoHS Compliant

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