POLK Audio VS265 LS In Wall Speakers With 6.5" Drivers (Each)

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 POLK Audio VS265 Overview

The VS265 LS In-Wall Speaker is a popular choice for those who want to create a more immersive home theater experience. It delivers a rich sound in any room, from the smallest living room to the most elaborate entertainment setup. It comes with a built-in mounting template and installation instructions.

To install the speakers, you must leave space behind the base molding, and allow approximately 1/8" wiggle room. If you're installing the speakers on the ceiling, you can use a mounting bracket provided by Polk Audio. If you're installing them in a wall, you will need to cut drywall and run the speaker cable. If you're working with drywall, you should follow Polk Audio's installation guidelines. These guidelines will also help you work with studs.

POLK Audio VS265 Feature

The Polk Audio VS265 LS In-Wall Speakers feature a unique design, featuring a slim, inconspicuous cabinet. This makes them ideal for stealthy home theater and stereo listening. They also rival the performance of Polk's flagship free-standing models. You can mix and match these speakers with bookshelf and floorstanding models to get the perfect sound system for your space.

The VS265 LS In-Wall Speakers feature dual 6-1/2" Dynamic Balance drivers, PowerPort(r) bass venting system, and an advanced "ring radiator" tweeter. The speakers are also equipped with a wall distance toggle switch, which compensates for boominess near side walls. A tweeter attenuation switch provides an even balance of sound, which is essential in rooms with a lot of reflective surfaces

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