Q Acoustics 2070Si Active Subwoofer

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Q Acoustics 2070Si Overview

The 2070Si Active Subwoofer from Q Acoustics is a 150-watt class D subwoofer with fully DSP-driven amplification. It features a ported design and two 170mm long through drivers. It also features a Speaker Type function switch that can be used to adjust the subwoofer's frequency response.

Connecting your subwoofer to your main audio system is a simple process. A standard connection uses RCA phono inputs. You'll need one of these for a typical AV system. Make sure you use a high-quality RCA phono interconnect. If you're not sure what type of interconnect you need, contact your local Q Acoustics dealer.

Q Acoustics 2070Si Feature

The 2070Si Active Subwoofer offers deep, rich bass, and clear high-frequency sound from a compact cabinet. It also has a 150-watt amplifier and an 8" driver. Its center channel boasts twin 3 1/2-inch mid-bass drivers and a 3/4-inch pure aluminum tweeter.

For best bass reproduction, place the subwoofer centrally to your listening position. This can be difficult in multichannel audio systems, but it will help the stereo image. Alternatively, you can place it close to a wall or ceiling. This will reinforce the bass, but it may sound boomy in some areas.

Q Acoustics 2070Si Specification

Enclosure type  Ported
Bass Unit  2 x 170mm
Amplified Power 150W rms
Crossover Frequency  50Hz - 150Hz (var)
Dimensions H/D/W mm  425 x 560 x 195
Weight 14.6kg
Sold in Single

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