AVK’S REVIEW: Heco Celan Revolution 9: More Dynamic, Louder, More Impulsive, More Bass-Crunchy than Almost Anything Else that You are Used to in Hi-Fi

Heco had been one of the most under rated brand among the Hi-Fi consumers. But we don't blame Heco's range of products for that. The problem is with the distributors who never promoted the brand they way it deserved. It never ever got the due attention among the consumers. It is one of the oldest German Hi-Fi audio brand i.e. since 1949 and still it struggled to earn a solid position among the customers. However, the brand never stopped its hard work and kept on producing some outstanding products. Thanks to the consistent efforts by the manufacturers, the brand is slowly but finally gaining a loyal customer base, especially in India. Heco has a very limited options to offer but all the products are well thought as far as the audio quality is concerned. As well as its products holds a very strong price point. 

Today we are about to discuss regarding the top model from the Heco's flagship series i.e. the Celan series. We are talking about the Heco's Celan Revolution 9, which is a three way floorstanding speaker. While most of the Heco's lower speaker models have a basic finish, the Celan series not only sounds beautiful but it comes in a premium and elegant range of finishes which makes it a perfect choice for a premium range of Hi-Fi floorstander. 

Design and Features

Whether you are looking for the best loudspeaker purely for movie purpose or you are a music lover, Heco's Celan Revolution 9 will never disappoint you at all. It features a sleek design, a high-quality sound, and sturdy build quality. You'll want to get your hands on a pair of these speakers as soon as you will get to see them forget about what happens when you listen to them.

The HECO Celan Revolution 9 is a three-way floor stand speaker that boasts a high-energy tweeter and an elegantly angled front panel. The enclosure has a tapered rear and rounded sides. The speaker also includes a height-adjustable metal spike to ensure the best possible acoustic coupling with the floor. The front and rear panels are computer optimized for optimum sound.

The Heco new design concept combines the elegance of surfaces and the magnets and magnetic field of a traditional loudspeaker to create a very efficient tone. The speaker's acoustic performance is improved by integrating magnets and a special second-generation dome tweeter.

Driver Composition

The HECO Celan Revolution 9 has two bass radiators, a 30 mm 2nd generation high-energy tweeter with PFC (Polyfiber Compound) dome having powerful double ferrite magnet and aluminum front plate with fluctuating geometry, a dedicated 170 mm mid-range driver with Heco's Kraft Paper membrane with a 25 mm voice coil and dual 200 mm woofer driver  with a heavy duty 32 mm voice coik. The speakers can be used for anything from television viewing to home cinema and pure stereo music listening. This model is a good choice for those who want to spend on something premium for their home audio system and get even higher value. The Heco brand has been providing music enthusiasts with high quality sound systems for three generations. It has become a favorite of consumers for its excellent performance being delivered at a competitive price. The Heco range has received a number of awards for its products, including the iF Design Award and the German Design Award.

Our Personal Experience with the Heco Celan Revolution 9: It is a Power Hungry Beast

When we first got an order for the Heco Celan Revolution 9, both the customer and our team were equally excited to get the feedback. We knew that the speaker is gonna take a lot of power to drive and therefore, we suggested the top of the line Marantz's SR8015 to the customer to drive it. The results were totally against our expectations. The customer was really happy with the highs and mids but... there was no bass. The woofer drivers were not at all shaking enough. We never expected that the SR8015 will fall so much short of power. We tried bi-amping, pumping up the pre-line signals but no luck whatsoever. It is a disappointing experience considering that the speakers are rated for 280 Watts RMS with a SPL of 93dB. However, the customer was so much impressed with the overall sound that he could neglect the lack of bass as he understood that the speakers are not at fault and that it's just a gap in speculation.

Trying the Speaker with a Class A Power AMP

Next the customer imported a Class A power amp @100 Watts per channel which was actually an Accuphase amplifier. The detailing in mids and highs improved drastically, however the bass was still the same which was quite obvious. Unfortunately, the customer didn't consult with us before buying the amp or else we would have not suggested it to him. Finally, we sent a custom made power amp which was 150 Watts per channel just to check the difference we are getting in the overall performance, especially in bass. We were hopeful that the speaker will have dedicated binding posts for the woofer drivers but unfortunately that was not the case. We connected the amp with the combined binding posts and tested the speakers. The result was slightly better with bass response. Now we knew how much power was actually required to drive the speakers to their fullest but unfortunately the customer had exhausted the budget with his purchase of the Class A amp which he wishes to sell before investing on another amp. We will update you as soon as we will test the speakers with the new amp.

Final Word

While the Heco range has a long history of producing high-quality products, the Heco Celan Revolution 9 is a great example of their commitment to innovation. The Heco brand is known for producing high-quality drivers and speakers, but they are not normally made from current popular materials. They have spent years reassembling the knowledge of the old masters and applying it to the latest models. It's this combination that makes the Heco products unique.

The Heco team has put together a solid lineup of high-quality speakers that are designed for a wide range of settings. The Heco Celan range has become a favorite amongst music lovers for its excellent performance. and it has gained a reputation for producing quality sound and it's a not absurdly pricey.

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