AVK'S Review: Definitive Technology DI 4.5R - Treat yourself to Rich, Detailed Sound from your Favorite Movies and Music.

Whether you're in the market for a new set of speakers or simply looking for a low-profile solution for your existing setup, the Definitive Technology DI 4.5R is a fantastic choice. The product features high-precision components and an impressive array of audio and visual functions. It's a perfect fit for just about any home theater or audio setup.

Acoustic Wizardry for the Details that Make the Difference

For starters, the 4.5" mid/woofer has an impressive soundstage that's rivaled by no-frills competition. The BDSS (Balanced Dual Surround System) driver features advanced technologies including an AeroRing around the driver to minimize diffraction while providing a more natural balance. The DI 4.5R also features a sophisticated adjustable crossover network that's on par with high-end audiophile gear.

Exclusive BDSS™ Midrange/Bass Woofers

The BDSS driver's high-speed electronics and proprietary circuitry also provide superior midrange and bass detail. For good measure, the DI 4.5R features an impressive 5-3/8" (13.67 cm) diameter - about the same size as most mini-recessed lighting fixtures. The DI 4.5R also boasts a massive output - a whopping 250 watts, enough to fill a large living room. The top-of-the-line product also features a sleek and elegant design that's sure to blend seamlessly with any decor. It's also a breeze to install, which isn't always the case with in-wall speakers. The product also boasts an impressive number of neodymium magnets to hold it all together.

Definitive Technology DI 4.5R

Invisible Audio & Astonishing Performance

The DI 4.5R isn't the only Definitive Technology product in the flush mount speaker category. There are a ton of other speakers in the lineup, ranging in size from small to huge. You can even choose a model with an integrated subwoofer to maximize your bass output. For more information, check out our product overview page. It's time to give your home theater a makeover! Make it a home theater everyone will love! You'll find the DI 4.5R at a retailer near you. It's the sexiest speaker in the DI line, and it's also a breeze to install. It's the best value in its class.


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