AVK'S Review: Definitive Technology DI 5.5LCR - Definitive Technology Designed this Unobtrusive in-wall Speaker Specifically for Premium Home Theater Sound Quality.

About Definitive Technology DI 5.5LCR

The DT DI 5.5LCR is a flexible dual pure aluminum speaker that delivers a wide range of dynamic range, deep bass output, and distortion-free highs. The DI 5.5LCR’s two 5.25" (13.34 cm) woofers are able to deliver the same output as a traditional 8” speaker, but with a flexible cone and a sturdy PolyStone basket. The DI 5.5LCR features a pivoting tweeter, which prevents oscillatory distortion and allows for an even more natural sound. The surround balance switch is also adjustable, allowing you to tailor the tweeter output to the room. This switch allows you to increase the treble in louder rooms, and lower the treble in more subdued rooms.

The DT DI 5.5LCR's unique architecture provides a seamless mix of audio throughout the room, making it impossible to ignore. The Aero-Ring around the driver contributes to the wide-angle dispersion of the sound, which eliminates diffraction.

Designed with residential and commercial installations in mind, the DI Series is an innovative line of speakers that have a smooth, natural, and accurate sound that is sure to make your favorite entertainment experience a hit. The DI Series is available in round and square ceiling speakers and bipolar surround speakers. With decades of engineering behind them, the DI Series speakers deliver sensational sound quality and premium performance for built-in home theaters


The DT DI 5.5LCR features a surround balance switch, which can be adjusted to increase the treble in quieter rooms or to decrease the treble in lively rooms. The DI 5.5LCR's pivoting tweeter can also be adjusted by simply pushing the near edge of the tweeter assembly, allowing 15 degrees of point-source axis adjustment.

Definitive Technology DI 5.5LCR

Pure Aluminum

The DI 5.5LCR's pivoting 1" Pure Aluminum dome tweeter is pivotable and avoids diffraction distortions. This enables the tweeter to pivot 15 degrees, resulting in a wide range of tweeter output. The DI 5.5LCR's surround balance switch can also be adjusted to increase the treble in noisy rooms or to decrease the treble to match the room's average reflectivity.

The DI Series' unique housing, repositionable metal mesh arms, and sure-grip magnetic grille fasteners make installation a breeze. You can mount the speaker with drywall screws, construction staples, or even pre-construction rough-in mounting brackets. The grilles are paintable, allowing you to customize the look of your speakers. These grilles are attached to the speaker with powerful neodymium magnets, making installation easy.

Adjustable Crossover

The DI 5.5LCR also features a flexible cone, which allows for a clean, smooth, and natural high-end sound. The DI 5.5LCR's dual mid/bass woofers are also able to deliver superior mid-bass dynamics. These speakers are finely tuned for seamless mixing, resulting in a wide dynamic range. The DI 5.5LCR is a perfect choice for home theaters, music rooms, and any other application where an in-wall speaker is desired. Its compact, durable construction will make it the perfect addition to any room. The DI 5.5LCR's hidden flange architecture will help keep your home or office looking its best.

Balanced Dispersion

The DI 5.5LCR's proprietary BDSS(TM) driver technology provides superior mid-bass dynamics, allowing it to deliver more output than other comparable-sized speakers. The DI 5.5LCR also features repositionable, tool-free magnetic grille fasteners and AeroRing, which contribute to wide-angle dispersion of the sound, reducing diffraction.


If you’re building a home theater system from scratch (even in an existing, older room) and a nearly invisible, zero-floor-space design is your goal—but you don’t want to sacrifice sound quality and aural impact—I highly recommend the DI Series from Definitive Technology. The speakers’ build quality and attention to detail (both visually and sonically) are excellent. We are talking about way more than bang for the buck here, although the value is extremely high.

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Arbica Mriea

Arbica Mriea

What an insightful review! It’s clear that Definitive Technology’s DI 5.5LCR in-wall speaker is designed with premium home theater sound quality in mind. I appreciate the detailed breakdown of its features and performance. This speaker seems like a fantastic choice for anyone looking to elevate their home entertainment experience. Visit Us: https://www.intrasonictechnology.com/speakers/in-wall-speakers/

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