AVK’S Review: Definitive Technology DI 5.5S - It Delivers Precise Highs, Full-Bodied Bass, and Boasts Impressive Dynamic Range

Whether you're building your dream home theater system or upgrading your current setup, the Definitive Technology DI 5.5S can deliver a powerful soundstage in a compact design. This in-wall speaker features an impressive 5.25" mid/bass woofer that leverages the patented BDSS™ (Balanced Double Surround System) to deliver a bass output that rivals a much larger driver.

The speaker has a number of advantages over competing technologies. For example, it offers greater cone excursion, producing the deep bass output of much larger drivers. It also features an aimable tweeter and a functionally sophisticated crossover network. Another cool feature is a hidden flange architecture that enables the speaker to be flush-mounted. This minimizes diffraction distortions and improves coverage.

Features & Details

The DT Di 5.5S also features a low-profile grille that measures 7.38 inches wide and 7.38 inches deep. This is on par with the competition's 6.5-inch models, moreover the DI 5.5S also features a proprietary AeroRing(TM) around the driver that contributes to wider angle dispersion and superior coverage

The speaker comes with features which are generally provided in high-end custom install  speakers, including a paintable low-profile grille, micro-perf magnetic grilles, and sure-grip magnetic grille fasteners. In addition to being a great option for home theater applications, it is also a good choice for multi-room music systems and also features a functionally sophisticated crossover network, which enables the speaker to handle highs and lows with impressive efficiency.

Definitive Technology DI 5.5S

The Patented Balanced Double Surround System

The DI 5.5S's other major accomplishment is a small but significant performance which is unexpectedly detailed and balanced keeping the size of the speaker, thanks to DT's patented BDSS technology. It has a hidden flange architecture that enables the in-wall speaker to be flush-mounted. This allows the speaker to avoid diffraction distortions, improves coverage and reduces the amount of sheetrock work required. It also has the smallest grille on the market, which is impressive considering its hefty price tag. Another cool feature is a hidden louver that helps improve the quality of the sound. The speaker uses a small hole to allow for increased airflow, which in turn helps to loosen the surrounding material to allow the drivers to move more efficiently.


Definitive Technology DI 5.5S is a sturdy, compact and powerful surround sound in-wall speaker which are easy to install. Undoubtedly, the speakers are a great addition for your surround sound setup, special thanks to the BDSS technology which gives the speakers high-level precision required for uncompromised surround experience.

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