AVK'S Review: Heco Victa Prime 202 - The Heco Sounds Orthodox in its Sound, and its Bass Reproduction is Clearly Deeper than the Size of the Speaker Suggests

The Heco Victa Prime 202 two-way bookshelf speaker has a lot to offer. From its reversible 120mm mid-woofer 20 mm Tweeter to its impressive power output, you'll be blown away by its audiophile quality. Whether you are an audiophile or simply want a sound system to play your favorite hits or you may as well use them as your surround speakers. You're bound to find something to match your tastes in the Heco collection.

Elegant Aesthetics

The Heco Victa Prime 202 isn't the only model in the range of the Heco product line, but it does stand out from the rest. Its small size and elegant aesthetics make it perfect for any room in your home. And it's a notch above the competition in both performance and features. And for the best price, you won't be disappointed. You'll be singing in no time. And the Heco Victa 202 Two Way Bookshelf Speaker can be used with any type of amplifier you can imagine. And it can be found in black, white, and espresso finish, so you're sure to find a color scheme that's right for you. Besides, no matter what you choose, you'll be able to appreciate its performance from the moment you open the box. So, for the music buffs out there, get ready to enjoy the most epic listening experience you'll find in your home.

Heco Victa Prime 202

Don't Put Too Much Stress on Its Drivers

No matter where you are going to place the speakers in your setup, you just need to be careful with how much power you are supplying to them as high-frequency driver of the speaker is quite delicate and may not stand for too long if excess power is supplied to it. We used these speakers as side surrounds in our setup with our Marantz SR8015 which blew off the twitter at 80 dB while the levels were set to +2.5 dB. At the same time, we used them in the front stage with Marantz NR1711 and the speakers sounded really well when heard from upto 10 feet away.

Usage as Surround Speakers

As these are not dedicated surround speakers, it is bit tricky to install if you don't have the provision to make a bookshelf for it. Rather you can screw a mount at its back and hang it on the wall with its help. The speaker does look bulky hanging on the wall but surely they produces a decent surround experience which is worth their cost.


The Heco Victa 202 Two way bookshelf speaker has been engineered to provide the most powerful audio output possible. Its long fiber kraft paper driver offers impressive audio performance while the ferrofluid cooling system provides an effective cooling solution. There might not be a lot to talk about but indeed Heco's speakers are always value for money in my personal opinion and nobody will ever be disappointed by Heco's speakers if bought at a right discounted price 😉

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