AVK’S Review: Heco Victa Prime 702 - At High Volume Level, the Speaker Systems Play with Full Swing and Powerful Bass

Having been around since 1949, Heco is one of the oldest German hi-fi brands. Its latest addition to the family is the Victa Prime series. This product is a floor-standing speaker with an interesting albeit rudimentary configuration. The speaker uses several glued MDF layers as its body and side panels. It is supplemented by a podium and two bass-reflex ports on the back wall.

Heco Victa Prime 702 is Truly Outstanding

Being a three-way speaker, this outstanding floorstander comes with dual 6.5 inches woofer drivers, its midrange driver is a again a 6.5 inches long-fiber kraft paper driver which is handles the distortions smoothly when it comes to soothing music experience, and a 25 mm tweeter altogether creating a feat that is made even more impressive by the fact that it is also ferrofluid cooled.

The largest speaker in the series is accompanied by two bass reflexes ports on the rear, both of which are optimized for smooth, unimpeded airflow. The speaker is topped off with a high-quality crossover, which is surprisingly forgiving of the source's data. You will be surprised to see how the speakers itself handles deep bass frequencies smoothly. 

I Loved How it Handled the Low Frequencies

To test the performance of Heco Victa Prime 702 I turned off the subwoofer in the 2 channel playback from the AVR and played deep bass songs on stereo mode. Few of the songs that I played were Drunk in Love by Beyonce and Mercy by Kanye West. These two songs are not very easy to handle for even any subwoofer but the output really blew all of us off. Fantastic and smooth bass handling by Heco Victa Prime 702 was offered. I realised that the competition is going to have a tough time with this particular speaker. At this point of time we were comparing this speaker with Polk Audio's ES55 which might not seem to be a justified comparison to many but if we look at the price point you are able to the Victa Prime 702, undoubtedly it is a far better contender. In fact, now soon we are planning to compare it side by side with the Polk Audio ES60. However, one important thing to keep in mind is Polk ES60 would cost lot more than the Victa 702. Although after listening to it and having heard the ES60 many a times before, I can surely say that Victa 702 is definitely a better deal. 

Heco Victa Prime 702

Most exciting thing about the Victa Prime

The most exciting thing about the Victa Prime is its low resonance structure. The speaker uses specially formed and screwed reflex ports to generate additional pressure. A solid MDF base plate is likewise an important component, which is complemented by height-adjustable metal spikes. This design has the potential to make for a nice-sounding home cinema set-up, but it does require a good deal of care and attention. A clumsy handling of the system could lead to a less-than-perfect performance but if you tune and calibrate it right then you will become a Heco fan.


Heco speakers is giving a tough time to its competition be it Polk Audio, Mission, JBL, Monitor Audio etc., even not sparing the sister concern Magnat. We are always in favor of equipment which offers the most value for money to our esteemed customers who are after the best quality sound they can get for the money they are spending. Heco Victa Prime 702 is a perfect option for your front stage and will deliver outstanding dynamic soundstage which will sound equally impressive for upto 20 to 25 feet. The only downside of the speakers are the aesthetics which are not bad but basic and the worst part is the existing packaging which just barely protects the speakers from careless logistic personnel. If you prefer sound quality over aesthetics then you don't have to think twice about choosing these amazing floorstanders.

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L smith: Keep eye on www.hifishark.com site. There are sometimes for sale these speakers in US.



Totally agree. Bought pair of these, and couldn’t be more satisfied. I’ve got Denon-amplifier which gives 90w/channel. So 2ch system. Not bad word for these. In this price, definitely beats lot more expensive speakers. Best part from these are deep dynamic beat, bass goes very low & tweeter is balanced. If you got chance to get these, run and get them!

L smith

L smith

Can I purchase the heco model 702 in the United States.?

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