AVK’S Review:  Heco La Diva - These Speakers Provide Superb Sound Quality, with Rich and Detailed Audio that will Leave you Feeling Impressed

Heco is a German high-fidelity speaker manufacturer which has given a number of gem of equipment to audiophiles all over the world. This time with full of delight we are reviewing the Heco's the topmost model, The HECO LA DIVA, the speaker in which the manufacturer has given its everything, the years of experience, skills and craftsmanship. The speaker is a masterpiece and clearly it is one of its kind, state of the art product that Heco has to offer to its audiophile fans. The company is calling it an audiophile legend and has named it so because it claimed to be capable to please even the choosiest of high-fidelity users.

Some Important Features

The Heco La Diva  has a number of amazing features. It is the first and only speaker in the La Diva lineup to feature a closed bass chamber, which will ensure that your bass will never leak out no matter what. The mid-high toner is adjustable, and the tri-amp binding post system allows you to customize the system to your liking. The Heco La Diva is a great choice for music as well as movies. Its performance can give you goosebumps and eternal love for it.

Using four passive bass radiators, the Heco La Diva  has an impressive bass response. This system is especially impressive when used with a good power amplifier. The speaker also boasts a number of high-end features like a double-magnet system ensures pure performance, a unique wave geometry that aims to spread the sound across the room and the second-generation Fluktus tweeter sits in a streamlined front panel made of solid aluminum.

The Speakers Need Some Space

The way these speakers have been designed, it is must to have enough clear space around the space to allow the bass radiators perform properly and also the room's acoustic treatment will play a major role to enjoy a disturbance free listening experience. The Heco La Diva comes with high pressure level and extremely powerful drivers which is not suitable for small rooms. Even if you do place them in a smaller room size you will never be able to utilize the full potential of these legendary speakers whatsoever.

The Heco La Diva's passive radiators comes dual-spanned membranes, which ensures optimal dispersion and lateral struts which ensures that the radiators never comes in contact while moving in order eliminate any possible distortion. 

The midrange driver is a 6.5" treated paper cone with a large half-roll surround, 2 x 8" woofers, 25 mm tweeter and 4 x 8" (2 on each side) bass radiators (Side firing). It also has a Nomex spider and a bucking magnet. The motor also has a stamped steel frame. The La Diva's bass diaphragms are comprised of paper kraft, and they have 32 mm bobinas and 200 mm specimens. They reportedly produce a deep grave as deep as 17 - 52,500 Hz which is an impressive feat for a speaker of this size.

 Heco La Diva 3

Final Word

The Heco La Diva  is not for everyone, but for those who appreciate quality, accuracy, and performance, it has a lot to offer. It is a notch above the competition. It is also an easy speaker to operate and manage. It is also quite affordable for a high-end speaker, and its short cables allow you to bring it with you anywhere. It is definitely a contender for the best high-end home audio system. It is the right mix of technology and style. The Heco La Diva is worth considering, especially if you have a large room or a home theater. You should have no problem pairing it with any high-end amp. It is an impressive piece of equipment, and one that you will probably enjoy for years to come.
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