AVK’S Review: Heco Celan Revolution Sub 32A - High-Performance Powered Subwoofer with 30 cm Long-Throw Woofer and High-Power Class D Amplifier

Among the many subwoofers on the market, the Heco Celan Revolution Sub 32A is one of the best. This high-end subwoofer is powered by a Class D amplifier and is designed to deliver impressive bass. With a 300mm bass chassis, this unit guarantees to demand cinematic experiences for bass players. The subwoofer is available in a number of quality finishes, including select real wood veneers.

Considering the fact that this subwoofer comes in sturdy MDF housing, it is not surprising that it has excellent build quality. It is also equipped with internal bracing to prevent resonance. The subwoofer has a dual woofer output, which translates into better sound quality. In addition, it features bi-wiring options to pair with other powered bass-reflex speakers. The manual provides detailed information about the product, along with FAQs.

Despite the name, the Heco Celan Revolution Sub 32A does not only produce a large bass, but also a variety of other exciting effects. Its 12-inch pulp driver is a prime example. A soft compression circuit is also present in the subwoofer to help reduce vibrations. Another interesting feature is the 12-inch diameter voice coil, which is big for a subwoofer. The front and rear of the unit feature three aluminum ports to optimize sound quality.

Uses Heco Celan Revolution Sub 32A

Considering that the Heco 5.1-System Subwoofer is the cheapest of the Heco branded home entertainment systems, it's also a very nice deal. The swanky subwoofer is powered by a Class-D-Endstufe and features three bass reflex tubes, including pegel and depth-reflex tubes. In addition, it has floating sway and LFE input. It's a good choice for fans of blues music and other forms of 'old' music.

The Heco Celan Revolution 7 is not only an interesting subwoofer, it's also an impressive loudspeaker. It offers a clean, unified design that's not too distracting. It is able to play in every frequency range. It also has a senkted top side, two aluminium traverses, and a magnetically hafting frontblende. In addition, it has an elegant line-up and a strong end stage. The subwoofer is capable of handling 350 watts in peak power and can be used with other powered bass-reflex speakers.

The Heco Celan Revolution Sub 32A may not be as slick as other subwoofers on the market, but it is certainly a worthy purchase for bass enthusiasts. With its powerful Class D amplifier, internal bracing, and 300mm bass chassis, it delivers impressive bass. The subwoofer's small footprint is an ideal size for a stand-alone system, or it can be used as a satellite speaker in a larger surround sound setup.

The Heco Celan Revolution Sub 32A has everything you need to make a bold statement in your home theater. Its powerful sound, impressive construction, and an eye-catching design make it a great choice for your next subwoofer. The subwoofer is also suitable for a wide array of uses and makes for a fun way to enhance your home entertainment experience.

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