Magnat MTT 990 Turntable

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Magnat MTT 990 Overview

the MTT 990's internal wiring is manufactured from high-purity copper wires from Mogami. As with most high-end products, it is recommended to use shielded interconnects and a ground connection. All these elements will help you to get the best possible sound from your Magnat MTT 990.

Whether you are buying a new turntable for your personal home system or for your business, the Magnat MTT 990 is an excellent choice.

Magnat MTT 990 is a new audiophile turntable designed to offer the reliability of studio turntables with the acoustic performance of high-end pickups. Its design is based on the experience of analog specialists who have developed analog audio equipment for 45 years. The turntable is compatible with various MM systems, including low-compliance systems.

Magnat MTT 990 Feature

Magnat MTT 990 turntable has a unique audiophile design. Its laconic classical shape and quality components make it perfect for those who love vinyl collections. The turntable features a direct drive system, superior audiophile design, and vinyl-like resonance characteristics.

One of the features of the Magnat MTT 990 is the use of a high-performance cartridge, the Audio Technica AT 95E. Designed to harmonize with the vast majority of phono preamps, this cartridge is a great pick for anyone looking to improve the sound of their home system. Also, this Japanese pickup has a height-adjustable design and a start / stop switch for easy operation.

The MTT 990 has a direct drive system that is quiet and provides smooth and precise scanning. In addition, it has a cinch cable and a ground cable. Despite its high-end audiophile design, this turntable is very affordable. There are several versions of the turntable, including the "X" version without the pickup.

The MTT 990's turntable features an on/off switch and speed control. In addition, the system includes a high-performance cartridge, a direct drive system, and a high-quality turntable platter. These features ensure that it will be able to play your favorite records.

Another feature of the turntable is its curved design that minimizes groove error. Furthermore, the MTT 990's tonearm is equipped with a high-performance cartridge, and it has a sturdy MDF wood frame. This combination is one of the most reliable systems on the market today.

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