Magnat Signature 903 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

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Magnat Signature 903 Overview

Magnat Signature 903 Bookshelf Speakers are not your average loudspeakers. The speaker system is equipped with an APOC crossover and vented die-cast bass and midrange drivers. It also has a woofer, an active subwoofer, and a digital amplifier. It is powered by 120 W (180 W peak) of nominal power. These speakers are not meant for small rooms, but they can be used as a surround-sound add-on in a home cinema. They feature a bass reflex and a ceramic-aluminum diaphragm that can produce a piston mode with minimal distortion. This makes it possible to reproduce dynamic music with excellent dynamics and speed.

The Magnat Signature 903 has a three-way architecture, consisting of a woofer, a midrange, and a Hi-Res Audio-certified tweeter module. These drivers, like the rest of the speakers in the Signature series, are made from aluminum and ceramic-coated, giving them the right weight and balance. Another plus is the proprietary Airex ports, which are built to reduce airborne noise and increase damping. All this while keeping a slim profile.

Magnat Signature 903 Feature

Moreover, the Signature 903's most interesting feature is the recessed plane designed for the tweeter module. A laser interferometry setup allowed for the creation of this recessed plane. This gives the tweeter module a directional sound and ensures docking with the mid-bass driver.

As for the woofer, it is a 170 mm unit. It has a vented aluminum basket, and it features effective ventilation of the voice coils. Like the rest of the Signature 900 series, it has a ceramic-aluminum diaphragm, and it can operate in a piston mode with minimal distortion. In addition, the Signature 903 has a large terminal block with sealed connectors.

Finally, the Signature 903's other features include an elastic suspension, bi-wiring, cast aluminum baskets, and fast diffusers. This combination gives it a light and bright sound. Although the Signature 903 is a compact speaker, it still produces half the amount of sound pressure as the average loudspeaker. Nevertheless, the Signature 903's speakers are reminiscent of the classic paper cone speakers. Ultimately, this speaker's features are likely to be of interest to those who are looking for a full-size system in a portable format. If you are interested in a smaller, compact system, you might want to consider the Magnat Signature 905 or the Signature Center 93.

 Magnat Signature 903 Specification

PRINCIPLE 3-way bass reflex
DRIVERS 0.75" super-tweeter 6.5“ woofer-midrange 1.2" dome-tweeter
POWER HANDLING (RMS/MAX.) 120 / 180 watts
IMPEDANCE 4 – 8 Ohms
DIMENSIONS (WXHXD) 225 x 370 x 352 mm

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