Optoma UHZ50 4K Laser Projector with 3000 Lumens & 2500000:1 Contrast Ratio

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Optoma UHZ50 - Best Value for Money Long-Throw Laser Projector

The UHZ50 laser projector delivers 4K UHD resolution with incredible clarity, vibrancy, and detail. It also features an enhanced gaming mode and 16.7ms response time in 4K at 60 Hz. Its high refresh rate allows you to enjoy your favorite games.

The Optoma UHZ50 projector supports both HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) color processing, automatically switching between HDR display modes. It also supports tone-mapping technology, enabling you to see images with richer detail and depth.

The Optoma UHZ50 offers excellent color and contrast reproduction for a low price. It also boasts an impressive 6x lifespan before requiring a replacement light source. It is also mercury-free, making it an eco-friendly choice. The Optoma UHZ50 has excellent out-of-box performance, and its Optoma OS offers ample support for popular apps.

Another advantage of the Optoma UHZ50 projector is its compatibility with game consoles and PCs. Users of this model can connect to the projector with HDMI or eARC. It also has two USB ports and an IR remote.

The Optoma UHZ50 is one of the top laser projectors on the market, offering incredible brightness and clarity. This unit boasts 4K UHD resolution and 16.7ms response time. It also features an enhanced gaming mode, making it a powerful option for a wide range of uses.

High Refresh Rate

The Optoma UHZ50 is a next generation gaming projector that features a high refresh rate. This allows you to enjoy fast-action games and movies. But if you're not interested in fast-paced action, you can opt for the projector's 1080p resolution.

This projector offers an impressive amount of connectivity options. It comes with three HDMI 2.0 inputs with HDCP 2.2. In addition, the unit includes a digital optical out, a 3.5 mm analog audio out, and a wireless dongle. You can also connect the projector to a number of voice assistants.

Another key feature is its support for Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) processing. With this, you can get better colour accuracy and a wider range of brightness. Additionally, the Optoma UHZ50 can support 3D viewing, which can help you see objects in more depth.

Despite its price, the Optoma UHZ50 provides excellent performance. For example, it can produce a full 4K image using a single DLP chip. Combined with its 3,000 lumens of brightness, you'll be able to enjoy vivid color and rich blacks.

The projector also features a built-in media player, making it easy to watch your favorite shows or movies on a big screen. The OSD menu is easy to navigate and offers a smooth UI. There are no pre-installed apps, but you can download them from the Optoma Marketplace.

Optoma has been known for its low-cost projectors, but it's also designed to deliver a high-quality experience. The UHZ50 uses a laser light source to ensure that it delivers superior color performance. Moreover, it has a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours.

If you want a bright projector that can also deliver a high refresh rate, the Optoma UHZ50 is definitely worth considering.

Laser System in Budget

The Optoma UHZ50 is a laser system projector that offers a lot of value for the money. It features true 4K resolution, HDR support, a 3,000 lumen light output, and more. But it's also priced at just PS2,699!

The UHZ50 comes with a 1.3x zoom and a powered vertical lens shift. It also includes a variety of inputs, such as HDMI 2.0 and USB 2.0. There's also a built-in sound system. And it's even compatible with voice assistants.

The Optoma UHZ50 also uses DuraCore Laser technology. This means it doesn't need a warm up period, and it uses a light source that has a lifespan of over 30,000 hours. That's a significant improvement over the typical lamp-based DLP projector.

The Optoma UHZ50 can also be used for 3D viewing. It has a resolution of up to 4K, and it can produce a contrast of over 2.5 million:1.

The picture quality is very good, with crisp edges and low picture noise. However, the Optoma UHZ50's black level performance wasn't the best. In our test, it performed pretty well in low-light scenes, but it didn't come through in very dark scenes.

Another benefit of the UHZ50's laser light source is that it doesn't require frequent replacement of the light source. The system has an estimated life of 30,000 hours. So you'll be able to use it for up to 20 years, a real plus in today's economy.

Finally, the UHZ50 has great build quality. It's compact enough for a movie night, but it also offers a variety of connectivity options, including a digital optical out, 3.5mm audio out, and HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2.

Lastly, the Optoma UHZ50 also includes a Wireless Dongle and a 12V trigger. These accessories can help make the UHZ50 a smart home device.

30,000 Hour Lifespan - Thanks to High-Quality Laser Source

The Optoma UHZ50 is a dynamic true 4K laser home cinema projector that delivers rich blacks and bright color. It also offers HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, allowing for extra detail. Designed to provide a high level of performance and durability, the projector has a lamp that lasts for up to 30,000 hours.

The UHZ50 features a Laser light source that produces 3000 lumens. This light output is similar to a conventional DLP projector, but Optoma's laser uses a blue phosphor.

Despite the high brightness, the UHZ50 is relatively quiet. With a noise rating of only 27dB, the projector's fans are much less intrusive than those found in more powerful projectors. And the Optoma UHZ50's enclosure prevents dust particles from entering.

The UHZ50 is also compatible with Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) HDR content, which allows for extra detail. Additionally, it can display true 3D content from a variety of sources.

In addition to its Ultra HD 4K resolution, the Optoma UHZ50 has a built-in media player and a 1.3X zoom. In addition, it is designed for seamless integration with smart systems. You can even connect it to smart devices, such as Amazon Alexa.

To make things even better, the UHZ50 is backed by a three-year or 20,000-hour warranty. That means it should last a long time without needing any maintenance.

One of the best features of the Optoma UHZ50 is its high refresh rate. This is a feature that's not available on some other projectors. Moreover, it also allows for a low input lag, which helps eliminate delays between the controller and the action onscreen.

Another great feature is the optical design of the Optoma UHZ50. It's been certified by IP6X, meaning it's air-tight and offers a long life.

Built-in Audio System

If you're looking for a projector to fit into your gaming setup, the Optoma UHZ50 might be right for you. It's affordable, yet offers a powerful range of features that will improve your gaming experience.

For starters, the Optoma UHZ50 comes with a 1.3x zoom and 2 x 10-watt built-in speakers for audio playback. This is not something you'd usually see in this price range, but it does add a bit of a premium.

The UHZ50 also includes a smart TV system based on Android. This allows you to connect to other smart devices. Among the options is IFTTT and Google Assistant. You can also control the projector from an app that's included with the unit.

You can even use the HDMI port to send content from other devices. One of the HDMI sockets supports eARC, so you can take advantage of next-generation sound formats. Another HDMI socket is compatible with 4K 60Hz content, which is perfect for gamers.

Another great feature is the Enhanced Gaming mode. The Mode reduces the projector's response times to 4ms in 1080p at 240Hz. While this is a nice feature, you may need to switch the HDMI ports to use it.

However, there's more to the UHZ50 than just a great gaming experience. This projector also offers a high refresh rate and a rich color gamut. There are also a number of other helpful features, including a keystone correction function. These can be found in the projector's OSD menu.

Optoma's design is simple. It's a compact, plastic case that feels like it was made for the Optoma UHZ50. Despite the small size, it has a lot of connections. A 12V trigger is also included, as well as two USB ports.

Optoma UHZ50 is the Lowest Priced Long-Throw Laser Projector in India

If you are looking for a smart projector for your home, you should look into the Optoma UHZ50. This 4K HDR laser projector delivers excellent picture quality and comes with built-in Android applications. You can also stream apps from the projector to your TV. Its 3,000 lumens of light and 2,500,000:1 contrast ratio make it great for watching movies.

The UHZ50 projector comes with a remote control, Wi-Fi dongle, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. You can even connect the projector to a Blu-ray Disc player. Lastly, you can cast content to your TV through the Optoma Creative Cast app.

Featuring a DuraCore Laser, the UHZ50 is a mercury-free laser projector that produces true 4K resolution. It also uses tone mapping technology and HDR color mapping to produce high-quality pictures.

With a bright image, excellent colour fidelity, and low input lag, the UHZ50 makes it easy to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies. It has a long lifetime in its DuraCore laser, 30,000 hours in Eco mode. Lastly, the projector is compatible with HLG formats and HDR10 for better color saturation.

Aside from its impressive features, the projector also offers great value. At a reasonable asking price, the UHZ50 is a smart projector for any home theater setup.

The UHZ50 features three HDMI 2.0 ports, and its built-in Wi-Fi lets you access your network. It also has a USB port and an optical out. Additionally, it supports vertical lens shift and powered 1.3x zoom.

The UHZ50's interface is colourful and user-friendly. You can choose from a selection of controls on top, and icons for the settings and apps will appear on the screen. There is also a Google Assistant that lets you interact with your projector through voice commands.

Optoma UHZ50 Specifications

Display Technology

DLP 4K UHD chip

Native Resolution

4K UHD (3840 × 2160)


3,000 Lumens



Light Source


Light Source Life

30,000 hours (Eco mode)

Throw Ratio

1.21 – 1.59:1, ±3%

Zoom Type

1.3x Manual

Keystone Correction

±30° Vertical, ±30° Horizontal

Lens Shift

105%~115%, vertical

I/O Connectors

HDMI x 3, Audio out, USB-A x 3(FW upgrade/multi-media reader/ WiFi / power) RS232, 12V trigger, S/PDIF, 3D sync, RJ45

Speaker (Watts)

10W x 2

Weight (Kg)

4.8 ±0.3

Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)

337(W) x 265(D) x 108mm(H) (w/o feet), 337(W) x 265(D) x 122.5mm(H) (w/ feet)

Aspect Ratio


Projection Screen Size

34.1" – 302.4"

Projection Lens

F# 1.94~2.23, f12.81~16.74mm



Horizontal Scan Rate


Vertical Scan Rate

24~120 Hz

Displayable Colors

1073.4 million colors (10 bit)

Noise Level

26dB (Eco mode)

Power Supply

100V ~ 240V ± 10%, 50-60Hz

Power Consumption

<0.5W (standby), 276W (max)



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