Polk Audio Signature Elite ES60 Floorstanding Speakers (Pair)

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Polk Audio Signature Elite ES60 Overview

The Polk Audio Signature Elite ES60 Floorstanding Speakers are high-performance audio towers designed for an immersive home theater experience. With a focus on delivering powerful and detailed audio, these speakers feature a 1" Terylene High-Resolution Dome Tweeter for crystal-clear high frequencies. The mid-range and bass are handled by three 6.5" low distortion Mica-Fortified Polypropylene Woofers, ensuring articulate and dynamic sound reproduction. The speakers utilize a Polk Dynamic Balance Cascading Crossover Acoustic Array, contributing to a spacious and lifelike soundstage. The patented Polk Power Port Technology enhances bass response, delivering impactful low frequencies (<36Hz). These speakers boast a recommended amplification of 20–300W, making them compatible with a range of amplifiers and AV receivers. With dual gold-plated 5-way binding posts, they offer secure and versatile connectivity options. The overall frequency response spans from 36Hz to 40kHz, covering a wide range of audio frequencies. With a sensitivity of 90dB, these speakers efficiently translate power into sound. The premium build, including gold-plated binding posts and a damped cabinet, ensures a high-quality audio experience. Backed by a Limited Five-Year Warranty, the Polk Audio Signature Elite ES60 Floorstanding Speakers represent the pinnacle of five decades of American loudspeaker engineering.

Polk Audio Signature Elite ES60: Top 10 Key Features 

  1. Dynamic Driver Materials: The Polk Audio Signature Elite ES60 Floorstanding Speakers feature a high-quality driver complement with a 1" Terylene high-res dome tweeter and three 6.5" dynamic balance mica-reinforced polypropylene drivers for a well-balanced and detailed sound output.

  2. Impressive Sensitivity Levels: With a sensitivity of 90 dB (1 watt @ 1 meter), these speakers efficiently convert power into sound, allowing for clear and dynamic audio reproduction even at lower wattages.

  3. Versatile Impedance Rating: The speakers are compatible with both 4 and 8 ohm outputs, providing flexibility for integration into various audio systems.

  4. Wide Frequency Response: Offering a total frequency response ranging from 36 Hz to 40,000 Hz, these floorstanding speakers deliver a broad spectrum of sound, capturing deep bass and high-frequency details.

  5. Crisp High Frequencies: The 1" Terylene high-res dome tweeter ensures crisp and detailed high frequencies, enhancing the clarity of vocals and instrumentals.

  6. Dynamic Array Driver Configuration: The front array driver complement includes one 1" Terylene tweeter and three 6.5" dynamic balance mica-reinforced polypropylene drivers, providing a dynamic and balanced soundstage.

  7. Powerful Amplifier Compatibility: With a recommended amplifier power per channel ranging from 20 watts to 300 watts, these speakers can be paired with a variety of amplifiers to suit different preferences and room sizes.

  8. Dual Gold-Plated Binding Posts: The speakers come equipped with dual gold-plated 5-way binding posts, ensuring secure and high-quality connections for audio signals.

  9. Sturdy and Stylish Design: The floorstanding speakers have a sleek and robust design with dimensions of 8.5" x 44.5" x 15.7" and a weight of 52 lbs, making them both visually appealing and stable.

  10. Convenient Inputs and Build Quality: Featuring dual gold-plated 5-way binding posts, these speakers offer reliable connectivity, and with a weight of 23.59kg, they are well-built and substantial.

    Polk Audio Signature Elite ES60: Common Questions

    Q1: What are the key features of the Polk Audio Signature Elite ES60 Floorstanding Speaker?

    A1: The Polk Audio Signature Elite ES60 Floorstanding Speaker boasts a 3-way driver configuration with a 1-inch Terylene tweeter, 5.25-inch midrange driver, and dual 6.5-inch Mica-reinforced polypropylene woofers. It offers a peak power handling of 250 watts, 8-ohm impedance, and a bass reflex design for extended and powerful sound. The speaker is known for its versatile placement options and high-quality construction.

    Q2: What type of sound experience can I expect from the ES60 speaker?

    A2: The ES60 delivers a powerful and balanced sound experience with clear highs, detailed mids, and deep, resonant bass. Whether you're listening to music or watching movies, it offers immersive audio performance.

    Q3: Is the grille cover removable on the ES60 speaker?

    A3: Yes, the ES60 features a removable grille cover. This not only protects the speaker but also allows you to customize its appearance to match your decor.

    Q4: Can I use the ES60 as part of a home theater system?

    A4: Absolutely. The ES60 is versatile and can be integrated into both stereo and home theater setups, making it an excellent choice for enhancing your home entertainment experience.

    Q5: What is the impedance rating of the ES60 speaker?

    A5: The ES60 has an 8-ohm impedance rating, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers and AV receivers.

    Q6: How much power can the ES60 handle?

    A6: The ES60 can handle up to 250 watts of peak power, making it suitable for filling larger rooms with sound.

    Q7: What is the driver material used in the ES60?

    A7: The ES60 features Mica-reinforced polypropylene woofers and a 1-inch Terylene tweeter, known for their durability and ability to reproduce high-quality sound.

    Q8: Where can I buy the Polk Audio Signature Elite ES60 Floorstanding Speaker?

    A8: You can purchase the Polk Audio Signature Elite ES60 from authorized Polk Audio dealers or reputable online retailers. Be sure to check for special offers and promotions for the best price.

    Q9: Does the ES60 come with a warranty?

    A9: Yes, Polk Audio typically offers a warranty for their speakers. It's advisable to check the specific warranty terms with the seller or manufacturer.

    Q10: Can I find the Polk Audio Signature Elite ES60 at a discounted price?

    A10: To find the best price for the ES60, it's recommended to compare prices from different retailers and look out for any ongoing promotions or discounts. Shopping during sales events or using online price comparison tools can help you get a great deal on this premium floorstanding speaker.

    Polk Audio Signature Elite ES60 Spec

    Polk Audio Signature Elite ES60 Info Sheet

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