AVK’S Review: Denon DCD-800NE - Providing Much Cleaner Bass, Smoother Mid-Range & Less Brightness from the Tweeters

DENON has a long history of producing high-quality audio components. The DCD-800NE is the latest addition to the company's New Era (NE) series. The NE series features premium materials and aesthetics, as well as high-quality DACs and amplifiers.

The DCD-800NE CD player is made from a sturdy and vibration-resistant chassis with minimum signal paths. It's equipped with an Advanced AL32 Processing Plus digital filter and ultra-precision Master Clock Design Digital-to-Analogue Converter. Both of these components provide accurate and clean sound that's free of interference. You can even enjoy music from your smartphone through Bluetooth, Apple Airplay 2, or a built-in USB port.

From the Manufacturer

The NE series' DACs are designed to work with modern hi-res audio formats, including DSD 2.8 MHz They also feature an innovative circuitry structure, including a Burr Brown digital-to-analog converter. The circuits are also designed to minimize signal paths and the effects of noise and interference. This results in a clear and detailed sound that's rich in expressiveness in the lower range.


Denon's DCD-800NE includes a remote-control input, which enables you to control your music with a Denon RC-1223 or RC-1234 remote. The remote can also control the volume level of both the fixed line and variable outputs. In addition, the DCD-800NE offers a digital optical output and coaxial digital output. These outputs can go as hot as 4.5 volts RMS.

The DCD-800NE can also be controlled through the HEOS app. You can choose which streaming services you want to use, and even change the volume of your Denon's amplifiers. You can also use voice commands to select songs. In addition, the HEOS system supports a variety of sources, including Tidal. However, it doesn't currently support Qobuz. It does, however, handle Spotify as a Spotify Connect device. This means that you can send your music to your Spotify speakers, but you will need a separate Spotify app.


Features & Details

The DCD-800NE includes a dual-band Wi-Fi connection with WPS one-button-connect. It supports Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The DCD-800NE also has a Bluetooth connection with support for basic SBC codecs. You can connect your iOS device to the player and then transfer your credentials to it.

The front panel of the DCD-800NE is adorned with white LEDs that offer a crisp display. It's also easy to read from a distance of about 10 feet. It's also capable of parallel operation, which allows you to play back two different tracks at the same time.

The DCD-800NE's DAC also delivers a slight improvement in clarity of sound. It's rated to produce a -3dB at 192kHz, and a -1dB at 76kHz. In addition, the 192kHz sampling rate has no roll-off until 40kHz, giving it a flatter high-frequency response. In addition, the data interpolation algorithms smooth out waveforms to help you hear high-resolution audio sources.


Overall, the DCD-800NE is a great CD player. It's reliable, has excellent sound quality, and offers plenty of functionality. it's a good deal for anyone looking for a quality CD player.


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