AVK’S Review: Denon DNP-800NE - Thoughtfully Designed Network Audio Player Offers Precision for High-Resolution Audio and Music Streaming

Designed as a multifunctioning tool, the Denon DNP-800NE expands your existing Hi-Fi system. It is part of the HEOS ecosystem and supports a variety of products, including CD players, amplifiers, and wireless speakers. It connects to your home network and plays back almost any digital audio file. It works with both Marantz and Denon equipment.

Denon DNP-800NE Produces Details & Smooth Sound

The DNP-800NE features a USB port and gold-plated RCA jacks. It can support up to 32-bit,192kHz FLAC HD, and WAV files. The DNP-800NE is compatible with streaming services such as Tidal, Pandora, and Spotify Connect. It can also play back new titles from these services.

DNP-800NE is equipped with the Advanced AL32 Processing Plus, which allows for interference-free playback of high-resolution audio. It uses data interpolation algorithms to restore lost data from digital recordings. This provides detailed, smooth sound that faithfully reproduces the original recording. It also has a Burr-Brown PCM1795 DAC that is very high-precision. It is designed for audio sources with up to 32-bit resolution. It supports FLAC and WAV files, as well as DSD 2.8 and 5.6MHz files.

The DNP-800NE offers a variety of connection options, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB. It also has an optical digital output for high-quality headphone playback. It supports Airplay 2, Apple Airplay, and Google Assistant voice control. This means that you can stream music from your smart device and play it through your home's HEOS system. It is compatible with Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, and many other popular music services. It is also compatible with the HEOS app, which lets you control the volume and play different songs in different rooms.

Play Music Wirelessly

The DNP-800NE is available in two colors, white and black. It is an ideal choice for those who enjoy a rich and powerful audio experience. It features a solid construction and best-in-class audio performance. It can be used to play music wirelessly through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a home network. The Denon DNP-800NE is a versatile piece of equipment that is perfect for both casual and sophisticated music lovers. It offers near-limitless streaming options and is easy to operate.


The DNP-800NE includes a remote control that can change the volume level of both the player and the amplifiers. It can also be used to control the outputs for the variable outputs, which go as hot as 4.5 volts RMS. The DNP-800NE also has a Pure Mode, which is an audio quality setting that focuses on the most delicate of sounds. The unit features a large display that enables you to read the settings. It also has a built-in sleep timer. This allows you to turn off the unit and go to sleep while still enjoying music.


With Denon's extensive audio engineering experience and 100-year history, it is no wonder that they produce premium audio components. The company's engineers amplify the minute details of music and deliver smooth wave curves and interference-free playback. They are also known for their extensive audio. Using these technologies, the DNP-800NE produces a highly detailed and incredibly immersive sound.

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