DT BP9080X review

Whether you're looking for a speaker that's ideal for your home theater or your music collection, the Definitive Technology BP9080x is an impressive option. This speaker uses a Forward Focused Bipolar Array, which is designed to provide better imaging and immersive sound dispersion. The Forward Focused Bipolar Array also fires drivers in opposite directions, producing a wider soundstage. This creates a wider sweet spot and better localization, both of which contribute to a more accurate center image. The Definitive Technology or DT BP9080x features a Dolby Atmos-ready top plate and is rated at 455 watts of power. This speaker is also rated at 92 dB of sensitivity, allowing it to reproduce the lowest frequencies down to 16 Hz.

DT BP9080X's Two-Way Elevation Module

The DT BP9080x features an aluminum dome tweeter for a fast transient response. The tweeter is covered by a removable grill that protects the driver elements. The speaker also uses a two-way elevation module, which is built into each speaker. The elevation module, which is designed to replicate the height channels in Dolby Atmos, fires sound upward, which reflects sound off the ceiling. The speaker's treble and midrange performance have also been improved.

Specification Details of DT BP9080X

Definitive Technology BP9080x has an aluminum elevation enclosure and a Dolby Atmos speaker module built into its top plate. The speaker's total frequency response is rated at 16Hz to 40kHz. It features two 5.25" (13.3 cm) midrange drivers, two 12" (30.5 cm) bass radiators and one 12" active bass driver which is driven by a 300-watt Class D amplifier. The speakers are available in black fabric grilles. The speakers have a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and are rated at 92dB.

Definitive Technology BP9080X is an All-in-One Package

The Definitive Technology (DT) BP9080x is a very tall speaker, which means it requires space to perform at its best. It is also designed to accommodate a home theater system with a dedicated Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker and an active subwoofer within the cabinet. While the BP9080x's imaging wasn't as precise as KEFs or other high-end floor standers, the overall sound was more satisfying and the soundstage was more expansive. The overall sound was nearly as good as the NAD M27, though the BP9080x was a little less powerful. The BP9080x also sounds more neutral. It's also a little less prone to distortion than its competitors. The best part about the speakers is that there are very few options in the market wherein you can get floorstanding speakers with bipolar design which makes it a unique product. Moreover, it is surely an all-in-one package as it encompasses everything you can think of from a Dolby Atmos module to an active bass driver. 


The Definitive Technology BP9080X has all the features that an audiophile can expect and offers amazing power and frequency response justifying all frequency ranges. For pure stereo purpose it offers bass which is deep enough at a minimum frequency of 16 Hz that should please most music listeners. However, those who prefer a full range response while watching movies will require a separate subwoofer based on the room size.

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